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    servers for file sharing website


    I got a client who wants to open file sharing website. I would like to know what servers should I go with. As a startup I suggested him to take a vps and host his script ans take 1 dedicated server as of now and host the files in it. Slowly I have suggested him to add more server s.

    my question here is since its startup what servers do u recomend and frkm which companies.
    Main tarffic is from usa and asia.

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    First make sure your customer complies with law, that's most important.
    Secondly, if it's a startup, it can be a simple server with 1 or 2 disks for the storage.

    If he has enough budget available he can go for a RAID6 setup with SSD caching, but for that he needs enough budget. - Online in no time
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    Re: servers for file sharing website

    You also have to read the ToS carefully because some providers don't allow even legal file sharing on VPS or dedicated servers. I would recommend you to check WeLoveServers. I have had good experiences with them.

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    For a file sharing website: If you go to the US you may have trouble with DMCA (DMCA takedown notices).
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    My customer will comply with all take down notices.

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    We'd probably need more information here. How much data is being stored, how much bandwidth is he using, etc? What software is he using to store/share the files?
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    The first question I ask is what is the budget...? This will tell you right away how serious they are and how much or little infrastructure they can afford.
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