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    How to price dedi server reselling prices?

    Would a person just consider the currently profit margin on dedi server resellers? It seems like it would be hard to get into the reselling business because the person hosting the server could already just sell the servers at that rate, but I could be missing something. Any tips on pricing if I were to consider looking into this?

    Also, does anyone have any recommended resellers?
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    Usually you would have some value add service to offer along with the re-sold server. And once you're a large reseller, your discounts should be larger than what the vendor would sell publicly, so you could even beat their prices in some cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMS - JoseQ View Post
    ... some value add service...
    Yep - it Ain't about the price it is about the VALUE - so you need to decide what value you add so that someone would choose you vs someone else.
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    What kind of things do you frequently see around here to add 'value' to someone's business?

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    usually you want to try to do a group buy to get a reseller rates. always research on the company's service. you want your client to keep their subscriptions while you build more clients.
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    If you are going to resell a host, first do some research. Don't just jump in to the cheapest option available.
    Price is 1 thing, but actually being able to contact your host if something goes wrong is another! Many forget that part

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    Make sure your provider is reliable, have a fully functioning team and redundant networking. Nothing is worse than having a "provider" you cannot rely on. If something happens to the network or datacenter, or if your provider is unavailable, you will have to face dozens of "angry" customers pulling chargebacks on your account. As a reseller, you typically carry the risk of chargebacks on your accounts.

    You will also find out some providers are willing or eager to make false statements on their services or competitors. Statements like fake "power outages" not only disrupt your business, but will hurt the relationship with your customers if they find out the provider of the reseller (your provider) is a possible fraud. Better stay clear from these people.

    So your preferred provider should offer a very high uptime guarantee, have a full support staff (no one-man shows) and should have automation available to support your services every second of the day. (Deals) - Mail: [email protected]
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