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    Looking for advice on WP hosting, synthesis, MT, Linode (vps) etc...

    TL;DR If WP Page Load Stats shows 52mb of memory used per page load, 2 would be 104mb, 4 208mb, etc?

    Ok, so I'm thoroughly confused on what the best route for me to go would be with my WP blog. On my local server, I just set WP to use 256mb ram (why not) and off I go. Since I probably wouldn't have such a good time doing that on WPE/Synthesis/MediaTemple/Linode I figure before I go jumping into a solid host I'd ask you guys.

    I've really been looking at WPEngine and Synthesis, and then decided to take a gander at MT and in the meantime remembered Linode has VPS which out of the 4 of those alone, MT's shared grid apparently has a limit on mysql ram usage of 99mb and that's where I was kind of taken back. For example, on a live site right now (that I host locally) my WP Page Load Stats is:

    98 queries in 0.339 seconds.
    Average load time of 0.339 (1 runs).
    52.14 out of 256 MB memory used.
    Peak memory usage 52.63 MB.

    So I said to the guy at MT, does that essentially mean I couldn't even have 2 visitors hit that one site at the exact same time, let alone ~5, 10, 50, 100 at the same time? His reply was yes (and I'm sure he misunderstood the question as that seems extremely odd) and I simply said "that makes no sense at all to me. you guys do run WP sites right?" considering the fact, I don't feel any of my WP sites are that poorly designed and configured...

    So, first question; was he "right" about if they only allowed mysql (on shared plans) to be 99mb of ram, I couldn't even have 2 visitors hit my site concurrently without going over?

    Second question; would that then also mean I'd only be able to reliably have 15-25 concurrent visitors be able to hit a site (concurrently of course) on a 1gb linode VPS?

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    I can see how a response like that could confuse someone. I will try break down some points without making this a long story as I tend to do;

    - WordPress starter site, "almost" any good reputable host will work

    - a good reputable host will be able to accommodate many concurrent visitors


    - site design and database size does factor into my previous point


    - if your skilled enough and know the in's & out's of WP, the VPS would be a great tool. You could optimize it and optimize your database to your needs (which can't be done on a shared account).

    Also with the VPS, you could also look into Debian, Nginx, Varnish, Caches, etc


    - if you want someone else to take care of the technical aspects of your site, a WP host is a very good option.

    But very important...out of all the options, security. Have good security plugins in place and depending on your choice, security edits within your htaccess. This will protect you for many issues down the road.

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    Thanks for the response, as for security, I use my own (as I just recently dabbled into WP) .htaccess file with custom security tweaks, as well as Wordfence, so on the security front, outside of the server itself I'm not overly concerned with.

    As for the DB, I'm using INNODB tables and site it's currently a rather small site, the DB is only ~25mb.

    I guess the real question is, if WP Page Load Stats is showing me that my page load used 50mb, and MediaTemple's mysql container only has access to 99mb (on the low-end plan) is he right that I couldn't even have 2 concurrent users access my site? Let alone 5, 10, 50, etc?

    Same with Linode (on the starter VPS) with 1gb ram, forgetting the overhead of the LAMP stack, is that saying I couldn't have ~20 concurrent users hitting my site?

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    You should not have any issues, but the best advice would be asking the potential hosts again. Ask the same question different times...see if the answers are consistent.

    Concurrent....even one of the terrible hosts I know can handle about 200-250 connections.

    With your stats so far, look through the shared offers section for a good host with good reviews.

    2 pieces of advice;

    1. Stats plugins will create load issues. Some hosts actually suggest to not use them. If you want your site to fly, such plugins will do the opposite.

    2. Don't overlooked WordPress security. Even the best and most secure server cannot protect against WP specific attacks. WordFence and htaccess is a good start, but also protect wp-admin. Botnet attacker plugin is a good option too.

    Also, MediaTemple has been bought by GoDaddy. I don't know if it will effect them as with other host buyout that fall apart, but just keep an asterisk next to your notes.

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    I have used WP Engine, and with as many headaches as Wordpress can be to manage, especially in terms of security holes and updates, I think it is worth the money to host with a provider who not only optimized their environments for the application, but provides enhanced security, application updates, and application support. I believe they host all their infrastructure with FireHost, on high-availability clusters, plus the multi-site installation is pretty sweet if you are offering WP hosting to small business clients, you can turn around and resell the services with pretty good margins.

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