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Thread: Creating openvz

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    Creating openvz

    Hello guys i rent an dedicated server for learning puporuses, i want to learn things about create VPS, cPanel hosting etc.

    I successfully installed openVZ, and created an VPS for it, on the tutorial it says to add ippaddress and i did but the ip the turtorial teachs is

    But this ip i cannot visit my VPS using SSH or if i install LAMP i will not be able to visit the VPS using the browser.

    The question is, how can i set an external IP to my VPS so people can visit it?

    I don't know how people do it, but i don't think i need to buy an IP for each VPS i will create right?

    Can someone teach me this?


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    180 is not a public rout able IP address The tutorial used that as an example. That IP is for local LANs only. You will need to use a Public IP. Most servers come with a 2nd IP if not you can normally get a few more with justification and a few bucks extra a month from your provider.

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    You need to understand what you are doing before you do anything else.

    And yes, each vps you create needs its own public ip.
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    Thanks guys the dedicated server comes with 2 ip address, so one of these i will use for the vps and other to access the dedicatd right? or can i use both?

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    Need to use 1 for dedicated and 1 for vps. To be honest, you really do need to learn how to properly setup secure, manage and how IP routing works before doing to much messing with stuff like this as net said. This is why I built a server at home out of old computer parts and played with it for a few years before ever attempting at dedicated server at a datacenter. Also another cheap route would of been to just get a VPS secure the crap out of it and if you mess something up just push and button and start fresh again.

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    Thanks i successful created an vps with hypervm now the only problem is that port 80 is blocked i tried som ip iptabbles rulez but no successful

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