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    Hi Guys

    I know i have alot questions but a Server isn't cheap at all. So my questions are. What would you recommend for a Server to host Games like MW2 (4D1) and a TS? It shouldn't be to expesnive (max is around 500).
    Is my Internet Fast enough? I have an Down speed of 150 mb/s and a Up speed of 10 mb/s. Im not sure if its fast enough.
    When i connect it to the Router (of course via LAN), i need to portforward right? otherwise others cant join. Im not sure if i can make it with my Netgear router, it didn't worked for me when i wanted to do an MC server on my dads Pc thats connected via LAN.

    I hope you guys can help me and thanks.


    PS: Sry if the english isn't the best but its not my mother tongue.

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    Re: Game hosting

    Your download speed is good enough but you should upgrade your upload speed. You will also have to open all the required ports for the games you want to host.

    Both of these problems could be solved by colocating your server in a datacenter.

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    So you wont even buy a server? I mean i want one for TS MC MW2 and stuff. I cant really upgrade my up speed so is it impossible for me to get the server?

    and thx for reply

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    Re: Game hosting

    Well, of course it's possible to host a few servers on 10mbit connection but they would have to be quite small servers.

    If you can't upgrade your upload speed you should consider renting a dedicated server. You can get a decent server for around $100/mo if you can afford it. You could start with even cheaper if you want and then upgrade when the servers get more popular.

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    Im 15 so i dont have any income thats why i want a server at home that my parents buy. you say they are small. How small? 16 people can play on an MW2 Server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniele122898 View Post
    Im 15 so i dont have any income thats why i want a server at home that my parents buy. you say they are small. How small? 16 people can play on an MW2 Server?

    Yes, you can host a server from home but you will need to open the correct ports on your routed and get a static IP from your internet provider.
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    Ok. Do you have any advice how to make it and how many people can play on the server with 10 mb/s upload?

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    The problem with running a game server from home isn't really the up and download speed. The problem is the routing. Your players will have sub par pings because a residential internet connection is not optimized for such use, and your players will suffer. If this is just a learning experience/hobby and you really do not care about maximum performance then by all means run it from home and have fun with it. Just keep in mind data centers normally have multi homed internet connections with hardware designed for high quantity traffic.

    P.S Few things to keep in mind if you plan to run a server from home. Make sure you have plenty of ram. I wouldn't go less then 4GB ram on Windows OS and 2GB on Linux OS.
    Since you plan to run multiple things at the same time I wouldn't go crazy with CPU speed (Mhz) but I would look more closely for multicore. 4 Cores at say 2.1Gh will walk all over 1 core at 3.8GHz running multiple applications. Hard drive can be important also. 250GB hard drive will be WAY over kill. You need a fast hard drive. Multiple drives is key here. 64GB SSD for OS and a 120GB SATA disk for storage would work well .
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