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  1. support experience

    Good day.

    anyone had experience with support ?

    short story :
    we transferred our server from other company, because they can't provide suitable traffic amount for normal price,price of server lease, lack of KVM. services were very good on first sight : good server hardware, KVM, suitable prices, good network speed.

    we rented server there, they made initial setup and everything went just fine for first months.

    then one day , after few "network maintenances" i'm noticed that server network speed decreased.
    after brief research it turned out that maximum port speed was locked on router side to 100mb/s instead of 1000mb/s

    after usage of ethtool to change "advertise speed" to 1000mb/s only, server became not reachable ( no wonder, of course )

    well, bad luck, but thats why we have KVM - i'm said to myself.
    however, KVMoIP address is not responding too.
    okay, ticket was filled and in 2 days time ( our support level is minimal, ticket resolution within 1 business day, according to policy ) they fixed port speed.

    KVMoIP still not worked.
    No reply on my question in opened ticket in one week.

    Okay, opened another ticket.
    Got almost immediate answer

    > I sincerely apologize for the delay in resolving this issues.
    > I will ask one of our senior administrative staff to look into this and fix it ASAP.

    this was on 10 oct and until today, 17 oct, we still do not have working KVM and no any reply. ( Initial ticket was created on 2 oct )

    so, my question is : is anyone have dedicated servers on with SLA-1 and had similar problems or i was just unlucky ?

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    Try to contact Ganesh Rao, i think he is owner
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  3. this guy is one from support staff.

    do not know if contacting with him on forum will help more, than filling support tickets, but i'll try.

    anyway, i'm still want to know about experience with dedicated server SLA1 support from other their users.

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    Try to get a contact number and call them, the easiest way to get their attentions
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  5. sure, would have done so, but call cost will be enormous from our country.

    beside this, i'm not sure that it will help more than ticket.

  6. it seems that i'm not only one -

  7. still no reply from them in ticket system.
    sending PM to users InfiniteTech ( Ganesh Rao )
    do not think this will help.

  8. Here is power and magic of forum :
    after my PM to infinitetech ( Ganesh Rao ) answered me in same day ( 21-Oct ) and promised to fix ILo in same day.

    after my next 2 messages in forum PM and in ticket system, on 25-Oct-13 00:58 ILo3 on our server finally working.

    from ILo3 log it seems that during last "Emergency maintenance" network cable was not inserted in ILo network port or something was not right in router side. ( ILo lost network link and it was only restored today )

    my thanks to Ganesh Rao personally and i'm wish that infinitetech company will do something to solve such issues in promised by SLA timeframe.

    and, of course, thanks to this forum, where i'm found infinitetech services and where i'm solved that annoying issue with them.

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    nice to hear eventually your problem solved using WHT. Sometimes we need to use uncommon way of contact to find the solution.
    Looking around for some time
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