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    Guidence re costs for a nice Wordpress design

    Hi Everyone,

    I am posting here for some guidance on costs for creating a WP theme before I submit a formal request. My WP skills are in words and written content rather than design. It is time I got a website to showcase some of my work.

    What I am interested to find out is general costs for a lightly modified theme, with a nice new logo to make it all gel together.

    Approximately, what sort of price range would we be talking? I'd rather pay a bit more and get someone with a proven track record who doesn't do theme mods that break as soon as WP is upgraded.

    Many thanks


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    This is quite hard to answer, because "lightly modified" isn't exactly a sufficient project specification. It might be easy and straightforward if you're just doing cosmetic changes that a client/designer has planned in advance, in which case it could be as little as a couple of hours.

    Or it might be much more complicated. For example, I've had to discard a theme client had chosen because it was made for a certain purpose, and wouldn't adjust to the seemingly small changes the client had in mind. You need to see the proposed theme/layout and discuss it through.

    I'm usually using themes from certain providers. This makes the website more secure, maintainable, and less likely to break during updates. Yes, I can do a feature based on some other theme/website, but it's not just one click process.

    You wanted prices, so I'm going to throw something here even if it might be completely useless. Note that these are just for the development, not design. Easy identity modifications to a well-made theme: $200+. Full-blown custom design to a WP theme: $500+. Anything more complex: $1000+. Agency doing the work: double the price.
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