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    $14K/year specialized fully managed WordPress hosting company for sale!

    Hi All,

    I have a smaller/medium sized managed WordPress hosting business for sale. I'm selling it due to needing more time, both for my family and my other businesses. I will be happy to answer basic questions in this thread, but an NDA will need to be signed to know the company name, etc. For the NDA, please post your reply on this thread or contact me via PM.

    The business is a specialized fully managed WordPress hosting company. Strong knowledge of WordPress is *required* as you will deal with both hosting and client side issues. If you or your team does not have in depth knowledge of WordPress, please do not bid on this offer.

    The business is split into two different types of clients. We have monthly clients and "lifetime" clients. The monthly clients are all hosted between three different VPS accounts at DigitalOcean. The "lifetime" clients paid a one time flat rate fee for hosting and are hosted on a VPS at PrismaVPS. Though no recurring income is made from the Lifetime clients, it is an opportunity to upsell to the monthly plans. The LT plans are limited by bandwidth/resources and have since been discontinued, so they may not be upgraded. From time to time, the LT clients require upgrades and move to monthly plans.

    Below is our WHMCS Income Forecast:
    Monthly: $809.00 USD (22)
    Quarterly: $375.00 USD (4)
    Annually: $2710.25 USD (40)
    Biennially: $366.00 USD (1)
    Est. Annual: $14101.25 USD

    Here are the Monthly Costs:
    3x cPanel Licenses: $45/month
    1x 16gb DigitalOcean: $160/month
    1x 4gb DigitalOcean: $40/month
    1x 8gb DigitalOcean: $80/month
    1x PrismaVPS VPS: $30/month
    1 2xCPU LiteSpeed: $46/month

    Total Monthly Costs: $401/month
    Total Annual Costs: $4812/year
    Total Annual Profit: $9289.25/year

    Here's an example of the last 6 months income:
    April 2013: $1225.44
    May 2013: $1286.87
    June 2013: $695.38
    July 2013: $921.22
    August 2013: $1497.70
    September 2013: $496.04
    October so far: $1108.20

    The month of September was lower due to a bigger client paying for an extra month in August.

    The sale will include:
    Business Name & Site
    Associated Domains
    All Clients
    All Server Access

    I am asking a flat $10,000 BIN but I'll take the highest offer. I'd also like to have the deal closed and the new owners take over on the 1st. All bills will be paid, so you can start fresh and ready to go with no leftover bills. The transition should be fairly simple, as I'll just be able to pass on existing server/account information and you can take it over. I'd be happy to answer any further questions under an NDA.

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    Please send NDA to admin 'at'

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    Please send a NDA to [s.patel[@conn8ct.]com - (remove the [ ])

    If all good, You have a BID matching your 10k.

    Kind regards

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    Just to update, I have sent all NDA forms out. Thanks for your inquiries!

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    We'll start the bidding at 6k pending due diligence. Ready to proceed with an all cash offer, no financing required - Hosting websites since 1999!
    Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers
    End-User Support, WHMCS, and WHMReseller Available on Reseller Plans!
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    Please PM details and NDA.

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    Just to update, I have sent all NDA forms out. Please check your PM's if you did not provide an email address to send the NDA to. Thanks for your inquiries!


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    Returned, thanks.

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    Didn't receive it.

    Can you please send it again to emilio (@)


    Quote Originally Posted by Prisma-Ivan View Post

    Just to update, I have sent all NDA forms out. Please check your PM's if you did not provide an email address to send the NDA to. Thanks for your inquiries!


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    Одг: $14K/year specialized fully managed WordPress hosting company for sale!

    Hi, please send more details to info @

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    plese send a copy of the nda to acquisitions [at]
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    Please can you PM me the NDA, thanks

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    Please PM the NDA info to me. Thanks

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    Please send NDA to souhil [at]
    VMware Cloud Hosting, VSphere 5.5, High Availability, Clustering, Disaster Recovery Solutions, VMware Dedicated and Managed Servers, Linux and Windows VPS, Windows 2012, SQL 2014, cPanel.

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    Please send me the NDA to vytautas dot drumelis at gmail dot com


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    Please send me the NDA to info (at)

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    hi prisma

    please send nda to

    c [at] arquinetwork [dot] net

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    Hi Ivan

    I've filled out and sent back your NDA days ago mate. ([email protected]) Can you please let me know the additional information you have prepared or are sending to everyone else?


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    Please send the NDA to: admin (at)

    Thanks! - Web Hosting YOUR Way!
    Non-Oversold cPanel Hosting, Webmaster Services, Web Design, and Asterisk PBX Management!
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    Please send the NDA to: holds.steve (at)

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    Please PM me the NDA, as well as your skype ID

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    Please sent me a email in sales[@]toshost[dot]com

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