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    Exclamation Data Shack

    To put it frank they have a horrible sales team which doesn't answer its own email [email protected] support is at best doing there job but here is the kicker...

    1st email

    ok cause this is frustrating that i thought i was paying for 2tb when i noticed i was running low on space


    The service for this server shows a 1Tb drive, not a 2Tb.
    I can upgrade the drive, but there may be a cost associated with it.
    Do you want me to load the OS on a 2Tb drive?

    my response

    Dual Intel Xeon 5639
    2.13Ghz - 2 Processors
    12 Cores / 24 Threads
    24GB DDR3 2TB SATA • 20TB Monthly Transfer
    • Linux/Windows* OS
    • 5 usable IPv4 Address
    • /64 IPv6 Address Block**
    • Remote Reboot Access $69.00/month

    Are you joking seriously do they not know there prices?

    i for one would rather pay top dollar for just the customer service....

    Stay away from datashack
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    Have you tried contacting their technical team or support department?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdwebservices View Post
    Have you tried contacting their technical team or support department?
    I think he contacted the sales because it is sales related issue. He is asking why he is getting 1TB when the original specs he ordered has 2TB.
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    Be better asking them, but I used them in the past and since then their sales email all seems so slow I waited two weeks at one point for a reply.

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    Ask to have it escalated to billing OR Rebecca.

    It will get sorted then. They are a solid provider, may be some issues sometimes like sales emails and possible mistake by tech support but they certainly fix up issues in no time.
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    that email was from support... i since went with
    They have web chat and fast sales team its worth it for me for the extra $$ spent

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    This smells an awful lot like shilling - new account, bash a company in one post, then in the second post praise another company and inform that you posted bad info in the first post.

    Plus who doesn't check their hardware on delivery ? There can always be a mistake during assembly - it's server admining 101. Especially when dealing with budget providers.

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    Bashing huh so are you saying im not the only one with issue with datashack? Have you tried to Googling them?

    FYI i was just making a point that spending more gets you better service which is very accurate in this case. who doesn't want a provider that offers real time support..

    So next time you come across a threadlike this.. Keep your words to your self...

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    When you're growing as fast as DataShack is there are bound to be mistakes here or there. I'm sure they would have fixed it for you.
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    I'm sorry there was a problem with your order. We recently changed the specs from a 1TB drive to a 2TB drive and there was some confusion.

    I'm glad you found a provider you're happy with.
    Brooks Brown, NOCIX, LLC

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