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    Domain name valuation


    I am looking for a valuation on a couple of domain names. I'll probably sell them as a pair.

    Both are short memorable and suited to a disruptive entrant into the fields of hosting and domain name sales.

    Please avoid saying things like "it's only worth what someone will pay". See I know that already.

    I have held these domains for a very long time and am happy to hold them for a lot longer to find the right buyer.

    Any suggestions for the best place to market these domains?

    I could try here but I have a feeling most of you guys wont pay full market value

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    In the Seo community, domains are values according to the following metrics

    • Brandability
    • Page Rank
    • Quality of Back Links
    • Moz and Majestic Seo metrics

    Unfortunately both your domains, rebelhosts and rebelnames have a PR of 0, very few back links and not such great metrics. Therefore you won't get a good price selling it in the Seo community.

    What you can do is look for existing websites with similar names, and contact their owners directly, leveraging on the brandability of your domains.

    All the best

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    Thanks for the response Nikita12

    I wasn't looking to sell for SEO value just for branding value. I think the names have great branding value but of course I am biased.

    To get PR means I have to restart those services and I simply do not have the time.

    So if someone can give me a realistic idea of what they would be worth branding wise I'd appreciate it. If they come in too low then I'll have to conjure up the time to restart those services.

    P.S. if your confused I just changed my username
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    They are not worth that much, RebelHost will be worth more.

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    You can maybe get $100-$200 if you find the right person. Since these are "brandable" domains you need to find someone that has an idea or vision for them. If the domains were based on a keyword(s) there's a formula to figure out the value.

    Obviously RebelHost could be used for a hosting company but I'm not sure I see what's special about that versus any other word + host.

    You can try estibot or but I don't think they will give a very good number since you are trying to sell on the brand.

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    Not much hey bro

    Well both words are meaningful and in relation to each other. Its not like its timberhosts or doghosts

    Anyway I have decided to build it out into a hosting site with the associated domain name site.

    Do some cross promotion hey, buy a domain name and get a free hosting package or buy a hosting package and get a free domain name.

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    A high PR domain will go to lead high price rate also but as PR of rebelhosts and rebelnames both domain name is low so it will be difficult to get good price for deal of your domain name.

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    Valuation of a domain can either be done by revenue generated by your your business and lot of other things. There are many domain having 1 pagerank but they give a lot business. once they reach its marginal equilibrium of business level seller take it for valuation to sell it.

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    It depends. I think in order for you to get top dollar for one of domains which is what you want you'll have to wait till the right buyer comes. Either wait for the right buyer or find someone who owns a domain that is like those contact them and see if they offer you a decent plan.

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    You will not get a good price because both your domains have a PR of 0, very few back links and not such great metrics.

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    Not much value, (reg fee)but if you got then could worth $xxx could be worth something if developped but not related to hosting or domain names.
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