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    DNS & Nameservers

    Hi there,
    So I'm wondering what the proper setup is for a nameserver if you're going to be hosting the domain name on the same server.

    My domain name is with Netfirms and I have a cloud vps with a different company that's running centos with cpanel.

    My current setup was.

    1) Point my "Nameservers" to NS1.NETFIRMS.COM and NS2.NETFIRMS.COM
    (when I first bought the domain)

    2) Setup a "Private Nameserver" using their DNS option.. > 198.xx.xx.321 > 205.xx.xx.123
    (about a month ago)

    3) Setup a "NS Record" using their DNS option.. > >
    (24 hours ago)

    4) I also had one A entry for hostname setup. > 198.xx.xx.321
    (about a month ago)

    So the other websites I have point to ns1 and ns2 are resolving fine to the server. the hostname also resolves fine. just tht doesn't load anything or accept any mail.. been like this for 6 hours..

    is there a proper way to configure something like this or is it done right and just needs time to update?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Koward

    Essentially you're OK.

    You create 'Glue Records' or Private Nameservers against to point to the IP address of your vps.

    That essentially then tells any requests to look at your VPS for the DNS zone.

    Then if you set up a DNS zone in your Cent OS for including any records you need, you shouldn't have a problem...

    You should have no problem going forward from there.

    Essentially you just need to set up the DNS the same as you would anywhere else, but set your private NS or Glue Records to look at the server for the DNS zone itself.

    Hope that helps!
    Community Manager of - Domain name registration and Web Hosting. Please feel free to PM me with any queries.

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    DNS & Nameservers

    you setup your dns configuration using bind pkg
    go to named.loopback config file:
    $TTL 86400
    @ IN SOA (
    2013042201 ;Serial
    3600 ;Refresh
    1800 ;Retry
    604800 ;Expire
    86400 ;Minimum TTL
    ; Specify our two nameservers
    IN NS
    IN NS
    ; Resolve nameserver hostnames to IP, replace with your two droplet IP addresses.
    ns1 IN A
    ns2 IN A

    ; Define hostname -> IP pairs which you wish to resolve
    @ IN A
    www IN A

    and setup also localhost in bind configuration you checked above configuration properly in your file.

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    someone is using an alternate dns server is different from the bind, tell me what are the benefits you see and whether improved performance?

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