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    Fortatrust - One Month Review

    These guys deserve another thread. Not enough bad news about them on the forums.

    Back in September I payed for a VPS that I thought was only 3.95$ a month. So I get billed 3.95$ for opening the account. Then I get billed 3.95$ the next week. I figured it was an early bill. I went ahead and requested my account be cancelled. The reason for cancelling was I no longer needed the server, just needed a VPS for a couple days to test some code. I checked my account today and this server I signed up for is now 27$ per month.

    There was no option in the account control panel to cancel or change your billing info. So a couple red flags for me. So I open a ticket requesting the account be cancelled. I get a reply back saying cancellations are done on the phone only between 1-5pm. Third red flag. Then I get billed 34$, because I waited to long to call I suppose, my fault for letting them take advantage of me.

    Even on live chat they will not cancel. I could probably show up in person and they would still tell me to call. The live chat is even a joke, I did get someone. After speaking with them in English they started started quoting their cancellation process in Spanish. It took them about 10-15 minutes to reply to anything I said. So they scammed about 40$ from me and I ended up having to cancel my credit card.

    So to summarize why you should never go with this company, and why you should click on every one of their Adsense ads you see..

    1. These guys apparently changed their name because of all bad reviews their last attempt got. ServerPronto.

    2. Advertises sales are fake. They will bill early and change your agreed upon monthly bill.

    3. Their cancellation process is meant to be a pain your butt in order to extract the maximum amount of cash out of you.

    4. They will ignore you on livechat.

    5. Just some a reminder on some of the details regarding cancellation: 1. You must provide your cancellation notice 31 days prior to the renewal of your next term. 2. Your account must not include an outstanding balance (unpaid invoices). If it does, we recommend you bring your balance current before calling our cancellation department. 3. Your cancellation will be verified by using the information we have on file by our cancellation department. Please call from the telephone number we have on file for you. 4. After your cancellation is processed, no other documentation is required, and your cancellation will be processed.
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    Wow, this is a bad experience. And you should request a charge back at your credit card company.

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