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    Suggestions for Server Management Providers


    We are looking to outsource our network and sales operations to server management providers for our yet to be launched cloud vps service.

    I would like to take your recommendation on the providers.

    We are looking for best in class providers who can efficiently handle tickets, work independently and are technically sound. We are looking at 24/7 coverage with 15 minute resolution time.

    I have spoken to rackaid, rack911 and psm. They don't seem to provide help desk support. But would like to know if there are any other providers who we could check with before we finalize.

    We are looking for helpdesk support + server management.

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    Moved > Managed Hosting and Services .

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    ServerAdminz? They provide help desk support.

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    Here is the list of all the companies offering Server Management Service in the Hosting Industry Space. Go through each website and choose the one that fits your requirement and budget.
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    Yeah, you have plenty of options to choose a team to manage your servers nowadays. Just look around, check with some, talk to them and get the best bid for you.

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    539 seems to be offering management at a competitive price.

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    I heard quite good reviews about We3cares and Webbycart.Although not sure if they can keep the 15 minute resolution time.Contact them and see if they can customize the timings for you.

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    I would recommend if your budget allows it. After 1 week with, I would say avoid them like a plague. I am already looking at alternatives as their service level is simply atrocious. They do keep to their 25-min response time guarantee but that is just the initial response to your ticket. Opening 2 ports in the firewall took almost 4 hours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEQ3 - Sam View Post seems to be offering management at a competitive price.
    They don't provide support to the end user. I believe the OP was looking for someone to work his helpdesk.

    We are looking for helpdesk support + server management.

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