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    Small Hosting Operation for Sale, $3.5k-5k annual revenue

    We are selling our hosting operation to focus on our other business avenues. For that reason this is a sale of assets, not a sale of the company.

    Buyer requirements:
    - US corporation or individual, you need to issue W9 for government client
    - ability to process CC
    - experience in hosting business

    The sale includes:
    - 20 cpanel clients (details below)
    - 1 VPS client, fully managed cpanel VPS (very low # of tickets)
    - Web site
    - hosting domain names (com/net/org/info/biz), registered till 2014-2020, Enom
    - related domain names xxxxxservers (com/net/org/info/biz), registered till 2014, Enom
    - 2 misspelled hosting domain names, registered till 2014, Enom
    - 'anonymous' reseller domains (com/net/org/info/biz), registered till 2013/2014, Enom
    - 20 customer domains, Enom
    - owned lifetime unlimited Modernbill license (theoretically a $1499 value), customer data
    - server lease, prepaid till 03/26/2014, details below (negotiable if not needed)
    - Paypal account associated with business
    - Enom reseller account
    - branded owned Hostbill license, old terms, upgrade/support good till 03/2014 (make offer)
    - Clientexec reseller account, low cost/license (not utilized atm)

    Clients have not been informed about sale, as there should be no change from their perspective
    Support is mostly done via email, helpdesk is rarely used (you will receive all records)
    Very low number of tickets, mostly billing
    No adult content permitted
    Billing system is Modernbill 4 (could be upgraded to plesk billing, contact Parallels (should be free))
    All hosting clients hosted on 1 hosting VPS
    VPS client has VPS on same server

    - $24/mo cpanel license
    - $12/year Softaculous license

    Client Details (csv for sed or excel), only hosting income:
    ---Begin CSV, "" encapsulates ',' in text---
    ,RS,Disk (MB),BW (GB 09/2013),Disk Limit,BW Limit,Free Domain,IPs,Domains,mo,quarter,year,due,since
    RS: *=Disk&BW limit flexible - client can ask for raise of 2.5G disk and/or 25GB BW after dsk cleanup (1/mo),,,,,,,,,,,,Quarterly,$365.12
    RS: +=user only hosts multiple personal accounts - no reselling,,,,,,,,,,,,Monthly,"$1,402.80"
    IP: *=nameserver only; all stared IPs could be reduced to 0 by nameserver sharing IPs,,,,,,,,,,,,Total:,"$3,333.41"
    No 16: *=website maintenance $170/year - Typo3 gallery,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    --END CSV---

    As you can see, those are long term & premium clients
    Resellers on 'flexible' terms: no upgrade since ~2010
    We usually tell clients technical details in support tickets, you should be able to do the same
    Web site maintenance for Client 16 is usually banning form spam IPs (client emails), no other work in recent years

    Dual Intel 5620
    72 GB RAM
    4x1 TB SATA HD, RAID 10
    20 TB data transfer
    100mbps port
    IPs: /29 + /27
    Located at WebNX
    Paid through Mar/26/2014
    (about $224/mo incl. IPs)

    Server runs Proxmox
    VPS on server:
    hosting VPS
    client VPS
    billing VPS

    Server is fully setup and secured for/on all VPSes.
    Full setup details will be provided to buyer.

    Some clients have brought in PHP programming work from time to time, mods to WP themes, adding a menu to existitng site etc. (about 1k/year, though not always consistent)
    If you are good at web design: clients have sometimes asked for web design, we have often refused

    You could integrate the server/Proxmox/Hosting VPS and Hostbill for a fully automated billing/support/deployment system, that handles regular hosting clients as well as VPS clients (automatic deployment etc). This was the plan. but we lack the time. The server is only lightly utilized, 33% RAM, 25% disk, 1.7% BW committed- wihouth overselling. You'd have a good start.

    Payment options:
    Bank certified check
    Cash (if you live in New England, we could meet and do a full transfer)

    You will need to sign a sale contract (paper).

    If interested or if you have questions: please email [email protected] and include your WHT username and a short description of your experience in the hosting business. You will receive a NDA.

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    I have sent an email.

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    Send NDA

    Could you please send your NDA at webhostingtalk at

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    NDA requested
    Webby Enterprises LLC
    Proudly Offering Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Dedicated and Colo from Orlando, FL and Saint Louis, MO
    In the business since 1997!

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    Replied to all.

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    What if wr are located in the UK?

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    Could you send an NDA to wht [at]

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    Quote Originally Posted by httpEasy View Post
    Could you send an NDA to wht [at]
    You block google email on your servers?
    Last edited by hostsale2013; 10-17-2013 at 02:43 PM. Reason: PM'd data

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conn8ct-Sal View Post
    What if wr are located in the UK?
    Servers or company?

    You'll likely lose at least one client.

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    Do me a favor and remove that e-mail from your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by httpEasy View Post
    Do me a favor and remove that e-mail from your post.
    Already done, PM'd the details.

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    Thanks. >10char

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    We are interested please send NDA to john {at}

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    Hi, can you please send more details and if required an NDA to rk [-at-]1deluxe .eu - Hosting on a Higher Level!
    █ Shared Hosting VPS Hosting Managed VPS Hosting Domains
    Shared Hosting VPS Hosting

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    Answered all requests.

    Thanks for the interest!

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    Sales Agreement Reached. Will update once settled or failed.

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    Thumbs up Sold and settled

    Sold and settled.
    A big thank you to all bidders and the buyer for the worry-free sales process.

    We wish our clients and the buyer good luck in their hosting ventures!

    Some interesting statistics:
    • ~80% of people who read and understood the instructions returned the NDA (correct method of contact)
    • less than 40% of people who posted in the thread returned the NDA

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