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    * [UK] E3-1240v2 | 32GB RAM | SSD | 1Gbps ☆ Unmetered ☆ | 99 PCM | Fully Managed ✓

    For a limited time, get 10% off your first month by using the coupon WHT2013OCT

    Our Network: Our network is based in Central London, in the UK, and dedicated bandwidth is provided by Level3 Communications. Our servers are located in a prime location, to serve the EU, and the rest of the world.

    Why-us?: We believe in simplicity. We've been on the receiving end of hosting products, and we know how it's like when a server goes down, and your host is "busy" or "Unavailable". With Swift Networking, we have staff working round the clock, to help our customers when they need help, not when it's convenient for us. Our servers come with 100% Network + Power uptime, Full management, and a loyalty scheme, that gives you discounts the longer you're with us. Check out our plans below!

    UK Dedicated 100

    Intel Xeon E3-1240v2
    32GB RAM
    2x 2TB SATA3 HDD | If you need an SSD's, just ask.
    Bandwidth: Unmetered
    1 Gbps Uplink | 1Gbps Guaranteed ✔

    Note: Save more with our loyalty discounts. Stay with us for 6 months, and you'll get a 20% recurring discount on your server.

    Order/More Info:

    Note: We offer a 100% uptime guarantee, not 99.99999. If you server ever goes down due to our network, you qualify for a credit refund, even if it goes down for a minute. We're serious about our network.

    Still not convinced, feel free to chat to us at

    Lastly, if you're not in the UK, don't worry. We can convert the payment into your local currency to make it easier for you.

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    Do you any plan under 75GBP?

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