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    my script ain't redirecting me to proper page based on session

    I was developing a social network script last week. For my project I was using a free webhost with cPanel. Then later I moved to a cloud server so that I can get more control on everything. I transferred my script to a new cloud server without any change.

    the script was working fine on free host but now on my new cloud server it is not working properly. In new server it can't detect that I'm logged in.

    My free host url:

    My new cloud server url is

    test account info: username: darin2 password: testuserpass

    login to my old site with the test account. Once you login, when you visit the index page it will automatically detect that you are already logged in and then it will redirect you to the home.php page but the same thing doesn't happen in my new server. It's not able to detect that the user is logged in.

    Since the code is same in both the server I guess there is something wrong with the server configuration.

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    It works for me, just tried it

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