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    FB multilingual SEO

    I would like to set-up a facebook fun page for my website which is in three languages(same theme but all the interface is translated in the target language, meaning that on my website I do not mix the languages in the same page).

    Is it better to set-up three separate facebook fun pages or only one where I can type in all languages.

    I read that facebook offers the Gate to target the users that use a specific language or come from a specific country, but for SEO for Google for example, will googlebot see the facebook page in each language or a mix? If I remember correctly google and the other bots do not like a mix of languages on the same page.

    Would it be safer to go for the three separate fecebook pages?

    Many thanks

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    Yes it is safer to user different facebook page for different languages.

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    Use different facebook page for different languages is ideal as it helps in better understanding of the user's..

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    Select three main language that you want to target. Facebook have feature for the user arrange your page as you like. After Google Plus update Facebook launch many latest feature.

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    It will be better to create the page in different languages. That will be beneficial for your users and if they like your page they will visit your page again.

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    yes, Create different Facebook page, It will be more helpful for you to analyze every language easily.

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    Better to create separate Facebook pages for all three pages...
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    I think to maintain 3 different fan pages is troublesome. Just setup one and post in the 3 different languages.
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    If you are going to target different places that uses your preferred languages, then you would be okay.

    It is much better to use language that people would understand easily because every individual on every country have their own way of understanding English language. Sometimes they interpret it the wrong way.

    So it is much better if you will use native language that will be understood easily.

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    FB multilinguial SEO

    It's better to maintain 3 different pages in different languages as it will be convenient for users who will visit the page and also will work good according to SEO for your website.

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    See the FB translation/localization pages for more information on accomplishing this:
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