Hi Everyone!

I have a domain registered in VERIO and i have a very hard time to get the domain renewed after it was expired. I'm a verio customer from 2003 and I had a few domains managed with them.

I have been struggling to get support from them; I have sent around 30 emails questioning on my domain and not a single reply has been to the point. With all bla's bla's, finally I managed to speak to a someone in billing (Sam) surprisingly the only person who spoke real nice! The fee were charged and still they say the domain dns has not been updated and they have forwarded it to the relevant dept. they are not giving me a proper answer and when I asked "atleast how long it will take" they dont seem to care!

I just want to speed up this process and i'm just wondering if someone can give me suggestions on this. (atleast someone from verio reading it )

Thanks in Adv,