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    Which is more important in high bandwidth dedicated server? ram or cpu?

    this is maybe odd but dont get angry pls. what is more important in a dedicated server? the cpu or the ram. if i use dual xeon quad core cpu with 8gb ram. can i manage 500k visitor per day and 75tb+ bandwidth/mo? pls reply. i am a newbie.

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    pls reply if i have low cpu but high ram will i be fine.

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    500k visitors a day is quite a bit, you may need more ram for caching and some solid state drives would be a good idea as well.

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    Its a hard question to answer, and you haven't given people very much time to reply.

    It depends how the "high bandwidth" is generated and accessed. Just static files that can have a lot of downloads (like a CDN), could rely more on RAM. Where say a streaming server or a web application that needs to actually do stuff to generate the traffic (read: transcode or run php), might need more CPU.

    75TB/month is an average of ~230Mbps, it isn't anything crazy enough that in general you'd need more cpu/IO/ram. It just comes down to how you generate the traffic.

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    I do also have to ask, what is the application for the server? Optimizing the hardware really depends on what you plan on doing with it.

    You could get away with pretty basic specs pushing a lot of bandwidth if you're not doing anything complex.

    The hardware limitations come into play when you start hosting tons of tiny random files, dynamic stuff like streaming and transcoding per the previous reply, heavy database usage, etc.

    If you can give people some more specific info to go on, I'm sure they can get you set up.
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    Thats a hard question to answer, a decent amount of ram will go a long ways but in most situations CPU is more important but even then they are both very important. Just try to keep an even balance. Like dont go with 2 x E5-2620's and try to get away with just 4GB ram or something ridiculous like that.
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    Just so many variables involved there!
    Generally, those specs could manage it, on a well set platform anyway (dependant), but as the guys/girls have said it boils down to what you're doing with that traffic and the script types/roles. Historical data of the setup, or similar would really help you here.

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    500 000 visitors daily? I would say both cpu and ram are important, and using CDN always helps a bit with the loads.

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    if you have more static pages,then you can go for high RAM even if you have a low CPU, but if you are using you server for streaming purposes, I would say that you need both cpu and ram.

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    We would need more information on your website's content.
    The two things go hand in hand most of the times.

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    My POV, for highload servers the most important component is a proxy webserver (Nginx, Litespeed, Varnish, etc.) and the proxy server is very critical to RAM value (cache is located there). Summing up RAM is much important.
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    as of the performance is concerned, ram is very important for the high traffic site. bandwidth is important, if you offer more of media content or heavy file size content.

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    In most use cases RAM is more important than CPU in a web server. However, that is not to discount CPU. It really depends on what your workload is. If you implement caching layers RAM becomes the most critical as your trying to alleviate that CPU/Disk IO by caching in RAM for serving. However, if your content is mostly all dynamic e.g. created by scripts everytime then CPU is much more important but you still need a decent amount of RAM as each apache/php (or other scripting layer) requires more RAM for execution of the response.

    The specs you gave earlier most likely will be able to handle your load however, just as important to think about is Disk I/O.
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