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    Total Noob Just need a little guidance Thank You

    Hi everyone.

    Please excuse my total inexperience with web technologies and server deployment.

    I have a very simple objective, and would greatly appreciate a few questions answered/some guidance.

    Basically for my work I need to run lots of resource hungry applications. I'm intending to do some traveling in a few months and would like to set up a server to which I can connect via laptop from anywhere I may be, to do my work.

    I've tried a higher end VPS solution from Power Up Hosting, but it just does not fit the bill at all. Too slow; processes that take seconds on a mid grade desktop, take minutes to complete on the VPS.

    So I'm thinking I need to set up a dedi server so that I alone have access to all the system resources.

    My questions are:

    1) Why does every provider I've looked at ask for a domain? I do not need to host a website, I just want to run Win Server 2008 and use the machine as a desktop via remote desk top. Is this even possible?

    -Can I just provide any site of mine ( I do have a couple of hobby sites on Hostgator), and the name servers from my existing hosting? Or how does this all work?

    2) Assuming such a solution is possible, do I need managed hosting? There's a huge price difference between managed and non-managed. I just want to make sure my hardware works, and if a hard-drive is about to fail, or if there are heating issues etc, this get fixed prior to any irreversible damage taking place. Is that something that I need to worry about? Again, I just want to run Windows apps quickly and efficiently.

    3) Digging around a little online, there's information about securing your server from hackers, etc. Is this something I need to look into?

    Thanks guy, I would appreciate any input. I know this is total amateur hour I'm good with home PC's and running the software I need for my purposes, but this web tech stuff is all very new to me.

    If there's another thread or something that deal with these question, please point me in the right direction.

    Thank you.

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    Hey Niko,

    1. You don't need a domain. If a provider requests a domain during the sign up process, just contact them directly or put some random domain into the field, you can always just not use it when the server is up.

    2. If you know what you are doing, you don't need managed hosting. You just need a solid server with good network.

    3. Yes, definitely. With Windows just be sure to enable the firewall and all updates must be installed regularly. You can find some free virus scanner too if you want, just like your computer at home.

    I would recommend to have a look at the Offers section and contact someone from there. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    1. In many cases is request for domain just default setup of billing management software and this step can be easily skipped with entering some random sample domain name like ""

    2. Only you can know if you need managed solution. Depend from your capabilities or preparation to learn about system setup, hardening security, setting up own applications and so on. With unmanaged solution provider will provide you with service and assure that it run smoothly but you can't expect handholding with every issue you may have but isn't their fault. If you're unsure you can try that with some cheap virtual private server maybe?

    3. Definitely yes.

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    Thanks guys.

    Well guess time to get my feet wet

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    Hey niko -

    1. The domain is just part of the default template on A LOT of hosts billing platforms, especially if they offer other services such as Web Hosting. You can put anything in here.

    2. If you're going to be working remotely a lot and want to have the server monitored closely, management isn't a bad idea. It also is beneficial if you don't know a lot about troubleshooting server issues (wasn't quite sure what your level of experience is, sorry). If you're confident with your skills you might be able to pass on server management, it wouldn't hurt just to check with the provider what they cover hardware wise if something goes out (hopefully not surprises there). Always better to be safe, especially when this server will be utilized for remotely connecting to work programs.

    3. I definitely suggest securing or "hardening" your server regardless if you use Windows or Linux. A lot of hosts offer Management and Server Hardening in the same package which might be beneficial to the second question. It's never a bad idea to secure your server.

    One side note, make sure they provide a strong enough network to some of the areas you'll be remotely connecting from to make sure you receive proper speeds.

    Sounds like you've already received some great feedback so I'd imagine you should be all set. Might not hurt to chat with your provider or providers you're deciding over to discuss what you need and what you expect, get to know your provider

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    1. Typically people use servers for hosting websites, so that is why a domain name is asked for.

    2. From my understanding of what you are looking for you do not need managed hosting, you aren't really doing anything that would need any serious managing.

    3. I would just disable the root account on the server immediately, generate some ssh keys, and block all IP's except yours. (or set up a VPN to use if you are traveling) This way the only way a hacker could get access to the server is by either physically being at the server, or by stealing the keys off your computer and using your computer/VPN to access the server. In the event that he guesses or knew your password and username he would still not be able to do very much damage considering there is no root account.

    Best of Luck!

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