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    PrivateLayer Inc, ordered a server. (On-going Review - Updates will keep coming).

    Dear WHM,

    After I finally decided to order a dedicated server to host one of my websites at I found an interresting offer at PrivateLayer.

    Ofcourse before purchasing, research was conducted and my conclusion from the few reviews I have read was that their VPS were bad, however their Dedicated Servers were outstanding.

    I ordered and paid by credit card, a dedicated server yesterday at 10AM after talking to their sales person on Skype.

    The server is a Intel Xeon Jaketown E5-2620 with 4 HDDs to form a RAID 10 setup. For my ease I took WHM, cPanel. In addition as I would like the support to set up, configure the nameservers, DNS-zones, hostnames and help me configure domain-side things, I took Managed Support - Tier 3, after negotiating the price back to 100$ only for the first month. Other then the DNS, hostname, nameserver stuff I don't need any support so it's just for the first month. Total price for the first month around 340$.

    The website promises the server to be delivered within 24 hours and they advertise that in most cases this is less than 2 hours.

    So far more than 38 hours have gone by and the server is not ready. Their Skype support, sales does not reply to my questions. However, the same persons do reply when I visit their website, pretend to be an anonymous user, then confront them with the so called issue. They claim to be working 'in my server' and will 'provisioning' it as soon as it is ready, they don't provide timeframes.

    Well, I'll keep you updated, may they turn out to be 'very disappointing' my credit card company will allow me to do a no-reason chargeback within the coming 6 months anyway.

    So far I am disappointed indeed. I am too impatient, or is this just.

    What are your thoughts?

    First post. May I have broken any rules, please be so kind to forgive.
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    I am not associated with PrivateLayer however, I would login to your panel and see if there is an open case regarding your server build. I would also contact them on the direct line not the Skype line. Once your server is up ask for an SLA credit if this is in the contract. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your reply, here are some more insights then:

    Their direct line is an automated voicemail, which disconnects you after you've made your choice. We have tried calling at all their operating time zones - working hours with same result. We have read about more users experiencing the same while trying to contact their direct line.

    They have broken the first promise of delivering their server within 24 hours. We'll accept that, as there is always a possibility of something going wrong, regardless we are disappointed.

    The service level agreement is listed in the order receipt or contract, however it is called.

    In our panel there is indeed a server listed as active, however we believe it is yet unconfigured and non-active. We have added screenshots of it.
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    Well if 24 hours server delivery is promised then it should be delivered within that time.I think they should offer you credits since they failed to deliver you server within delivery time.

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    I honestly would not be too concerned with the delivery time. Instead look into the general support, network, uptime etc. etc. Providers that offer very low price servers, setup times can take some time since they may be getting many many orders. Maybe you can ask them to move your recurring payment date since it's taken 24+ hours for setup?
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    Thanks for your responses.

    I would be fine if they could actually provide me a time frame in which the server will actually be delivered, instead of trying to push the delivery time bits by bits, if you understand what I am trying to say here.

    I wont beg for credit, but it would be nice of them to offer me something in return for failing to meet their own promises.

    The worst part of it is the slow support and since I have paid extra for the Tier 3 SLA, I am allowed to expect more than a usual SLA signer. Am I right?

    Please keep them coming. I feel better talking about it and hearing other people's opinions, it would be nice to see if some other people use their dedicated servers.

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    Have you tried to open a support ticket? From your screenshot I see that there is two tickets, one of which is open. Maybe it is for provisioning and you can ask them there?

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    Remember the 24 hour period is from the time the order completes the fraud review. Based on the country that you provided in the order, that took a little time.

    The server is up already, they are just working on software requests that you had (cpanel and cloudflare). It should be up very shortly. If you want to add me on skype, I can help you as well. privatelayernetwork is my username.

    Please be patient, your server will be in your hands very shortly.
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    Is your server now up? If your server is not up by now I would ask for a full refund.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mdowdy View Post
    Is your server now up? If your server is not up by now I would ask for a full refund.
    Today, not too long ago, we received the server in perfect state. Their head of support agreed that things did not go well without any discussion and has not only refunded the first month, but also creditted our account with one free month, since we already extended with our current hosting provider, we wont be using their server till mid-November.

    I will post a follow-up upon receival of the refund and once we start using their server I will post a review about its networks performance and further on the servers performance.

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