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    setting up different name servers on single server

    Hello everyonce.
    I have a question and hope to get some help from someone here

    For some reasons I would like to have 4 name server on my server. because some of the website hosted on my server are using different name servers.

    Is this possible to setup different name server on the single server.for example

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    It is certainly possible to setup different nameservers on the same server.

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    how should I setup this in WHM?

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    Just create the DNS Zone for this domain, include the A entries for NS1 and NS2, repeat it for the NS entries and then, just update your domain registrar settings accordingly.
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    You just need to create necessary A record for your nameservers (i.e. A record for ns1 and ns2) and then you just need to register your private nameservers from your registrar. You will need to specify nameserver and its IP address while registering them from your registrar.

    Once the nameservers are registered successfully, you can use them.

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    Another way to do it is to just set up your two default nameservers as normal and if you need custom nameservers just edit them manually.

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