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    Post Please , rate my new site

    Hello .

    I have my new portfolio site . Could you please , rate it .
    I would like to offer my services on forums like this puttin in thread link in to my portfolio . As you can see there is contact field at the bottom for client so he could chose his budget and few other information and send it to my email .

    Offcourse I will add more work samples .


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    4/10, you should at least add a slider or headline.

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    Offcourse .

    I will think about it . Thanks for your oppinion .

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    I don't want to score, but here's couple of suggestions.

    - The design could be much more visually interesting. Try having different background colors for different content blocks for example.
    - Get rid of the text "banner" on the top and bottom of all the reference boxes. It's pointless UI clutter.
    - Unless the text is just a placeholder, please proofread it.

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    Hello Bartek,

    I checked your site and there was one thing that immediately caught my eye.

    I see you went for the approach to put all your website sections on 1 page and navigate with the scroll only. This is ok, its actually becoming more and more popular and for a portfolio site that's a very good choice...

    However it bothers me that it is just too simple - the font is too small, you used just a few colors and there isn't anything that demands your attention as a visitor. You can also separate the different sections for example with a different background color. For example the user clicks on "Works" and it is with one color. Scrolling down they should be able to clearly see when a section ends and another one begins.

    I can give you an example with a website I saw just recently, it will give you a better idea of what I'm talking about exactly -

    I hope I've been helpful for you. Keep working on it and I'm sure you'll proud of the end result. where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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    It looks very simple for me. I would rate 2 / 10.

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    What's the empty space above the logo for?

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    Nice and simple 5/10

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    Your banners might be good, however the website sound more like blog than a professional website.
    Work, service and contact section... all that for a one page website and everything very close together.

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    nice portfolio. 5 out of 10

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    Not bad for a start but it looks "unfinished" to me.
    My opinion is 4/10.
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    It looks ok to me, but there is a lot of dead space on the top of the site that could be removed. - Content Management / Portal Software Solutions
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