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    Soladrive, help?

    Soladrive, help?

    My dedicated server is unreachable, the files seem to have been wiped out, Soladrive's support ticket system is also "not found" and their support email is bouncing. Does anyone know what is happening?

    Update: my home page replaced with Arabic-language hack ... still unable to reach soladrive on their own site.

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    I can reach their site but not their help desk though.

    Maybe try to call them instead?

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    My server is up but I cannot pay the bill.

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    I think their WHMCS install got wiped/hacked. I'm seeing "Before you can begin using WHMCS you need to perform the installation procedure".

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    It looks like they are bringing the support area back online.

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    It was never hacked or wiped, just a temporary outage while we updated to the latest release of WHMCS. We also responded to your ticket already Blake, I have a technician currently restoring your site back to normal now. Any further questions or concerns you can reach us in that ticket already opened. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to our clients.

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