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    Post 1and1's New Domain extensions

    So what are your views on this latest move by 1and1 in introducing 700+ new domain extensions such as .web .app .cloud .shop .ltd .mail etc

    They haven't set a price for these yet, I suspect they're testing the water to see how many pre-registrations they receiving before setting a price.

    Since it's launch it's had over 3 million pre-registrations.

    Your thoughts on these new extensions?

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    What's this got to do with 1and1? It's ICANN that's bringing in these new extensions. And they've been working on it for years, and there have been many discussion threads on here about the project... it's nothing new really.

    Personally I think most of them will fail, or limp along - just like the other GTLDs that they launched after the original three. Hands up those who have a domain ending in .tel or .mobi or .travel... they've all been around for years but we never see them

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    This is more of a marketing campaign with a goal to get a lot of domains registered when they become available to the public to buy.

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    Ah, someone beat me to "".
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