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    1,641 - close down all non US locations - this week

    I have used Urpad for over 18 months, and has been very happy with my service. But the last time has not been so fun, and they have started to retire different locations. First out was the Iceland DC.
    I had two servers there, and was forced to move them to the US.
    To day I got the e-mail. telling me what I already did know, they close all non-US locations:

    Dear Kenneth ,
    Recently we sent an email to all customers about the closing of our Iceland location. After reviewing the feedback we received, we have decided to close additional locations. The locations we are closing are where we do not own the equipment.
    We will be changing URPad's server locations to Los Angeles, Houston, and Orlando, and eliminating all other locations. In the new locations we have total control over your hosting services with on-site datacenter staff, and we have brand new hardware.
    Please take a look at the new equipment we have purchased and see what our new locations will look like:
    We have been listening to customer suggestions and comments, and will be implementing other changes to improve our services in the near future.
    We want to thank our former datacenters, ColoCrossing, Ionity, Quadranet,, UKServers, and ThorDC. Our migrations do not reflect poorly on their service, merely, we have grown to need equipment which we own and fully control.

    Will my VPS be effected?
    All nodes EXCEPT the following will be migrated:


    This is a complete overhaul of our setup, and all clients will be able to choose from three URPad locations:
    Los Angeles, CA, (LA) with new DDoS protection has great routing to Asian markets and the security you need, hosted at Black Lotus’ Facility.
    Houston, TX, is just minutes from our corporate offices, hosted at 1001 Texas Avenue.
    Orlando, FL, to serve the needs of the US East Coast and Latin America, hosted at Host Dime’s Facility.

    When will this move happen?

    Unless noted otherwise via email, we plan on starting migrations as early as Friday, October 18th, 2013. We hope to have all clients transitioned to our new hardware and locations by mid-November. We will announce the specific schedules and times of transfer on our blog If you have questions regarding this transfer, please email us at [email protected].

    Will my plan change? What about my IP address?
    Plan configurations and pricing will remain the same. The resources you pay for now are the resources you will receive in your new location. Some customers may see an increase in included features, such as DDoS protection in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this move will result in new IP addresses being assigned to your Virtual Servers. You will be notified of your IP(s) once your server has been moved.
    During this move you will be relocated to IP space that is owned by This ensures a long stable environment for customers moving forward.
    We apologize in advanced for any inconvenience this may have on you, your customers or your business, but we believe this migration will be best for all. With new nodes, better hardware, and staffed locations we will be able to serve you our client better.

    What if I do not want to move?

    Unfortunately, all VPS accounts will be moved and the existing locations will no longer be offered by URPad. We understand that you signed up for a specific location, so as a valued customer we are offering the following:
    If you decide to move with us from another location you will be given 1 month of free service, upon request.
    If you cancel your service(s) you will be given a pro-rated refund upon request. All refunds and free month credits must be requested before November 15th, 2013.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    The team
    So I have worked hard the last couple of days, finding new providers for my service in the EU. lost me as a customer with 5 VPS servers.

    Thank god for and their Netherlands DC. Thank soladrive and their UK node.

    80% finish - soon my nodes in history, and I will never use them again.
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    That has to be tough on a bunch of clients but I'm sure RLT has their reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick A View Post
    That has to be tough on a bunch of clients but I'm sure RLT has their reasons.
    From the email and discussion on other forums it looks like an upgrade, new hardware in their existing locations they have actual physical access to. Several racks of new servers and gear. Not a cheap move on their part at all. Though I suppose their monthly operating cost will go down with all owned hardware, and they won't have to deal with some of the incompetent DC staff that I know exist at one of the DC's they're dropping too.

    Certainly will lose some customers in the process though, but I'm sure they expect that and planned for that. I'm sure there are other providers getting their 'URPad Refugee' coupons ready to pick up clients who want to remain in particular locations, but that's just business.
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    It's a pity. Sounds like they're thinking long term. Most likely pay off for them in the end, upsetting a few clients with the move is to be expected. On the plus side there's plenty of other quality providers to choose from.

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    It's a big change, I had services with them in Iceland and the UK, although the UK stuff never performed that well. But this is their plan and of course they are prepared to loose all or most of the clients in the EU in order to focus on the US, which I do believe is right for them.

    It's not the end of the world. Alternatives below, I have used them all:

    Highly recommended in the UK, you won't have issues with any of these.

    Ninjahawk (cheap cPanel too)

    In the Netherlands all I would recommend at this time is Ramnode, use the LEB35 coupon code. They have some serious hardware over there and I am rarely in awe at performance but I am at ramnode.

    For Iceland all I would recommend at this time is EDIS with their **** disk allocation but still great service and performance. No doubt more will appear in Iceland soon because of the beneficial privacy laws.

    Search for other coupon codes, ninjahawk has a deal over at and there may be others.

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    Thanks for the mention W1H-Lee! We are quite pleased with our NL location.
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    Id give thumbs up to ramnodes NL location aswell just going into 2nd month now and not 1 seconds downtime and server is fast as lightning.

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    Yep, another painful IP address change and an unknown outage time coming up.

    At least it is only 1 of our CPanel DNS-only cluster members on the VPS....

    Might be worth looking again and seeing what is out there for what we need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick A View Post
    Thanks for the mention W1H-Lee! We are quite pleased with our NL location.
    Credit where it is due, I just picked up another in Atlanta with SSD.

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    I really was not exptecting them to close down the location I was in few months ago.

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    Basically URPAD scratched Europe and privacy with placing all VPS nodes in USA. - Web Hosting with DDoS Protection | Shared & Reseller in Europe/North America
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    Quote Originally Posted by WebHostDog View Post
    Basically URPAD scratched Europe and privacy with placing all VPS nodes in USA.
    Bit of an over dramatic viewpoint but whatever makes drama for you.

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    I am in the same boat, since the move it just hasn't been good. Its one thing or another! I am terminating my contract with urpad.

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