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    Post PPC and Landing Page Marketer Needed for Hosting-Related Website

    I run product management for a network of technology websites in the hosting and networking space. I'm savvy in AdWords, but have run out of time to manage our PPC campaigns myself.

    We are looking for a remote contractor to manage our PPC spend and optimize our landing page copy.

    We had considered building an in-house team, or going to a conventional SEM agency and paying the usual 7% to 15% of spend, but we're not convinced that the ROI is there (yet).

    What we'd like to do is run a few small campaigns (~$500-$1,000/month) and estimate our overall conversion rate. This will help make the case for larger investment.

    We'd need help both on the AdWords side (keyword selection, ad copy writing, etc.) and the landing page side. We've got a great technical and product team, and a good product. What we need is advice on how to tailor our landing page content to maximize quality score and likelihood of conversion, as well as someone to manage the day to day of AdWords

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    Can you send me your current landing pages pls, I will see if i can improve their conversion rate

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    kindly send me the estimated conversion rates

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    I still did not see your landing page so I can not say. Design is very important. I am an existing affiliate with some top affiliate network and I work with thousands of landing page already. I give you my advice for free, pm me your site if you need to keep it private

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    I can help win managing a PPC campaign on our network of sites. Our system has built in A/B testing for both ad creatives and landing pages as well as conversion tracking.

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    We do AdWords Campaign Mgmt at affordable prices. Let us know how you would like to take this forward.
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