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    * Ecommerce software

    My website is running on shopify currently, and it's really convenient. However there are a few things we don't like and we are searching for a new software to host my website, preferably cheaper than shopify. Here are some problems we encountered on shopify:

    1. Unable to update the order status except for payment status and fulfilment status. It would be nice to have more statuses such as processed etc. And also, we want to send email for every update in status (such as customers are notified after we've received their payment). But the email part is not really important.
    2. Customisation of email. It's not important too but we would want to send different emails for different payment method chosen, and different emails for different kind of fulfilment (we have a few couriers depending on their orders).

    Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!

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    I recommended you HOSTED SHOPPING CARTS software. The main benefit of these eCommerce software is that they are very easy to use even if you are not technically savvy. The drawback is that there isnít as much flexibility for you if you want to modify the functions provided by these eCommerce software providers.

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    Check out Magento -- they even have a hosted version.

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    Look into Prestashop.

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    Woocommerce + some theme works well
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    prestashop magento, open cart

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    I think Magento is quite good. We don't personally have much experience with it but from the reviews we've read people seem to be quite impressed/satisfied with the tool. It may be too 'big' or 'complex' for a small ecommerce site, but if you want an enterprise-solution (community edition for free) you can't go wrong.

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    This is helpfull to you website, Look into Prestashop.

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    If you are looking for cheaper solution, I guess, you can try wordpress and install woo commerce plug in.

    You can play around with woo commerce to make it fit with your requirement

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    One more thing to consider is how easily you can move data from one webapp to another. Easy integration is important for saving time and money. No one has the time to re-type the same data in different places. I encourage you to have a closer look at Magento and Bigcommerce, they both have good integration options to CRM, accounting and email marketing solutions. You can always be sure your data entries are correct.

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    I agree with Magento its good and open source of e-commerce web application. It will give the help to developers as well. So I think you can try with this one. Best of Luck

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    We see lots of Magento integrations that see to work well. I always mention FoxyCart is you are/have developers - credit cards are fine if you want only 30% of the world's markets

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