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    * 35% off your first three months of hosting at ServInt!

    Looking to upgrade your VPS, but not sure you can afford a fully dedicated server? Check out our Flex TwoCore and ThreeCore Servers! Our TwoCore and ThreeCore servers offer guaranteed CPU Cores, RAID Storage, as well as scalable RAM and disk space. Now you can have the power and redundancy of a dedicated server, at a fraction of the price. All ServInt TwoCore and ThreeCore packages come with:

    • ServInt's legendary managed support
    • Dell enterprise hosting hardware, featuring Intel Xeon processors
    • A high-capacity, high-speed, highly redundant network
    • Industry leading uptime of 99.99953% since 1995
    • Free daily, weekly, and monthly backups
    • A strong Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Two-hour guaranteed hardware replacement
    • RAID 1 HDDs
    • Available Service Add-on Options: cPanel/WHM or Parallel's Plesk Control Panel, SSL Certificates, Softaculous, WHMCS, Unmetered Bandwidth Options, And much more

    Our Flex TwoCore and ThreeCore solutions run a virtualization layer to apportion server resources between two — and only two — users. This “semi-dedicated” server environment offers customers a chance to experience the benefits of dedicated server hardware without the costs typically associated with making the leap out of a multi-tenant virtualized server. Flex TwoCore and ThreeCore servers provide all the amenities typically associated with our VPS products (FREE Control Panel, FREE Daily Backups, Access to Virtuozzo's Power Panel, and more). ServInt's world-class network and uptime, combined with enterprise-grade Dell hardware, come together to form rock-solid semi-dedicated servers, at truly fantastic prices. Two cores of CPU starting at just $149 and three cores beginning at $189!

    All TwoCore and ThreeCore servers use Dell enterprise-grade hardware. The Flex TwoCore server offers all the following features starting at $149 per month:

    Flex TwoCore
    2 Cores of Intel X3440 Processor
    2 x 2.53 GHz HyperThreaded Cores
    2 GB 1333 MHz DDR-3 RAM (upgradable to 4 GB)
    200 GB SATA II storage (upgradable to 400 GB)
    100 Mbps Network uplink
    4 TB Monthly Bandwidth Transfer
    Hardware RAID 1
    $0 Setup & $149 Monthly
    CLICK HERE To Get Yours NOW! (use promo code: FLEXSEMI)

    The Flex ThreeCore server provides all the following features starting at $189 per month:

    Flex ThreeCore
    3 Cores of Intel X5649 Processor
    3 x 2.56 GHz HyperThreaded Cores
    4 GB 1333 MHz LV DDR-3 RAM (upgradable to 8 GB)
    600 GB Nearline SAS Storage (upgradable to 800 GB)
    Hardware RAID 1
    100 Mbps Network Uplink
    6 TB Monthly Bandwidth Transfer
    $0 Setup & $189 Monthly
    CLICK HERE To Get Yours NOW! (use promo code: FLEXSEMI)

    Act now and try these new products at a reduced price! For a short time, using the promotional code "FLEXSEMI", you'll get 35% off your first 3 months of service on either of these base package configurations. Powerful semi-dedicated servers, managed support, and exceptional uptime -- click here to get started!

    For more information about ServInt and our complete catalog of products visit, email [email protected], or call 1-800-5-ServInt.

    And for the latest news about ServInt, join us on:
    The ServInt Source

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    Just want to chime here, and say THANK YOU For Upgrading/Doubling My RAM for FREE!!

    This is the best VPS hosting!

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    You're welcome

    Hey, Octars! Thanks for the kind words. As you know, we upgrade our customer servers for free all the time. Our philosophy is: why shouldn't faithful customers be rewarded for their loyalty?

    Enjoy your free RAM upgrade!

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