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    Spam list problems with email hosts

    We are having constant problems with our email host being blocked by spam lists and need to find another solution. They are a cheap webhost and their customers are always sending spam, causing us to be blocked because the email servers are shared. We tried another one of our webhosts' free email service, but their spam protection was causing our employees in other countries to not be able to send email to customers.

    We need to move our email accounts somewhere that is secure, and won't give us problems sending email from other countries. The problem is we have around 25 email accounts so it is too expensive for us to pay $5 a month for each account. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Are you looking specifically for an e-mail-only solution, or are you looking for (or willing to work with) a web host that lets you use your account for e-mail as well as hosting?

    I only ask because there's a good number of web hosts on this forum who take spam very seriously and work hard to stay off the blacklists. The days when you were only allowed X mailboxes on a hosting account are mostly past - you can probably have as many POP3 mailboxes as you wanted. Just make sure they're not bottom of the barrel; contact a few before signing up and ask how they handle spam blacklisting.

    This would only not work if: (i) you specifically wanted an account that only gave you e-mail, or (ii) you needed more disk space than the webhost would give you (which is only a real concern if your users use IMAP and keep all their mail on the server).

    Could you explain a little more about this problem from other countries? I'm not sure I quite understand what was going wrong there.

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    You've got a couple of options available to you. One, you could switch your domain's email over to Google Apps. I don't know how much that costs, but that's an option.

    Two, you might could leverage a service like SpamExperts to help your email get delivered. As an end user, I'm not sure how complicated setup would be for something like this.

    Three, move to a shared host who uses SpamExperts to wrap the entire server.

    Of course, there are other services too, like SpamTitan, Barracuda, and something else, but I can't remember the name.
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    Here is a little more history.

    We were on a rackspace webhost, and didn't have problems getting on spam lists. Then we moved to another host that had a shopping cart solution that we needed, but our employees in other countries had problems sending email because of the new hosts spam filtering. We worked with that host to fix it, but there was no solution. So then we moved to another host as an addon domain that we were already paying for so we could have our email hosted there. But that one's email servers are constantly getting on spam lists, regardless of the country we send from, because they are cheap and share their email servers among their customers, who sometimes send spam.

    We looked into Google Apps but it will be $5 / month for each account.

    We can't move to another webhost, but we could pay another webhost and use just their email as an addon domain again. It would have to be fairly cheap as we cannot afford to pay much right now.

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    The other countries issue sounds like a one-off - I've not heard of that tripping spam filtering before. So you could try another host just for e-mail.

    Or you could use Mandrill for sending e-mail. The mails are still formatted just as if they came from servers on your own domain (once you've verified to them that you own the domain).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstapletn View Post
    It would have to be fairly cheap as we cannot afford to pay much right now.
    End of the day that is going to be your major problem. I think as a generalization most web hosts (even the dependable ones), offer email solutions as a courtesy (not really geared towards enterprise level solutions). If you have a business that is dependant on email, you are going to A.) look for google apps type of services or B.) look at VPS, Dedicated server solutions where you have a lot more control in regards to your mail server.
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