*** Pulsed Media Espoo, Finland Colocation Special ***

Located on the best on-net location near Helsinki, at the group of buildings where practically every ISP has an access point.

We are a company specializing in content delivery, high bandwidth and high storage applications.

Turnkey Full Rack 1Gbps
40U, 730mm deep
1Gbps best-effort Transit Link Included
16A 230V Circuit included
128 IPs included
1U Cisco/Extreme Networks 48x100Mbps + 2x1Gig Uplink (RJ45/SFP combo) Switch included
999 per month!
Upgrade to dedicated 1gbps link: +300 per month
10Gbps link @ 5Gbps cap: 3000 per month + 500 setup fee
Additional 1Gbps dedicated link: +650 per month

Turnkey Half Rack
2kW electricity included
64 IPs
1U Cisco/Extreme Networks Switch
100Mbps best-effort
699 per month!
Upgrade to dedicated 1gbps link: +400e a month

1Gbps SAN Link: 25 a month
10Gbe SAN Link: 100 a month
48x1Gbps+4x10Gbe SAN Switch, inc. 10GbE SAN Link: 150 a month

SAN Storage options for colo customers
iSCSI Delivery, recommended paritioning size maximum 3TiB
Non-SSD Cached (RAID5, SATA 7200RPM):
10/Mo per TiB for <10TiB
8/Mo per TiB + 5 per TiB Setup for <20TiB
6/Mo per TiB + 10 per TiB Setup for <50TiB
5/Mo per TiB + 20 per TiB Setup for <100TiB

SSD Cached/Tiered: (RAID5/6, Fast SSD Drives min. 1% cached)
11/Mo per TiB for <10TiB
9/Mo per TiB + 5 per TiB Setup for <20TiB
7/Mo per TiB + 15 per TiB Setup for <50TiB

SuperFast (Databases etc.):
SSD min. 15%+, automatically Tiered storage, RAID6 + Hotspare
7200RPM SATA for non-hot data, on RAID10, smaller disk size used for more IOPS per GiB.
Includes matching backup storage from bulk storage, so you can do DRBD/Daily rsync

5/Mo per 100GiB for <1TiB
4/Mo per 100GiB for <2TiB
3.25/Mo per 100GiB + 30 per 100GiB Setup for <5TiB
2.75/Mo per 100GiB + 50 per 100GiB Setup for <10TiB
2.5/Mo Per 100GiB + 75 per 100GiB Setup for >10TiB

Remote hands: 15 per starting 15mins, emergency calls off-clock minimum charge 60minutes.
Server assembly, and other simple tasks, during office hours: 50 per hour

Nodes can also be acquired, assembled, tested and racked for you.
We also have in-expensive shipping options available for our disposal from the US.

Contact [email protected] for additional information and to reserve your rack.
Combination deals are available.

All prices are excl. VAT