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    Designer/coder recommendations?

    We have used the same designer/coder for the past 2 years, but sadly he went awol on us quite recently. I am rather fed up dealing with Indian or other Asians freelancers, why I would like to ask for recommendations! We have tried to find and hire an in-house staff member, but to no avail!

    We use a gaming-oriented design, why having previous experience from that kind of designs will be considered a plus.

    Please, share your recommendations! A talented and trustworthy designer.....

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Sorry to hear the issue your having.. Most of the time you can end up with troubles when you go with low cost options (irrespective of the location they are in bro ). Give a try at or , you might be able to find a good reputable designer/s.. =)
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    Nationality has nothing to do with it my friend.
    Give freelancer a go.

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    I have used authenticjobs once or twice to get the desired contracted workers we needed. You can try that. I do not recommend crowdsourcing sites for designers and developers since it tends to be hash and dash work just to get paid most times
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    Google is my friend in such cases

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    Take a look at LegitDesigns, Alex is a good designer to work with. We have used him since two years as well.
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    I used to find my last design/dev guys. Avion tech in Chicago, with devs in India. I liked Guru a lot, however working with Indian devs was a huge pain. They were SUPER cheap though.

    Anyway, I'd recommend to select a vendor, since their are a lot of metrics to base your decision on, like total work done this year, number of stars, written reviews, and much more.
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    you can take a look at him pretty good

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    Guru and Freelancer are useful for finding developers. It's helpful to be able to see portfolios so you get an idea of their skill/ability. But be sure the contract is clear and spells out everything you want. If there's any contract/money dispute, that contract will be used to decide.
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  10. #10 is an opinion not bad.

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    Do you want a local freelancer who you can meet face to face? Sounds like it could work for you since you're seriously thinking of hiring someone.

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