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    Stay away from Fortatrust


    I am another victim from Fortatrust. I originally contracted the service via Serverpronto. At some point they sold/changed Serverpronto to Fortatrust. After having a lot of downtime, servers capped at 32KB/s and terrible customer service, I decided to move on to another hosting. I payed my bills and opened a ticket to cancel the service. After some replies from staff(right away) asking why I was cancelling and to reconsider, I told them the decision was made. That is when they sent me a message telling me I needed to cancel the service via phone. It is also the last time I ever got a reply for a ticket.

    I have called for a complete week everyday, no one answers the phone. Since I saw all the posts about the same issues, I opened more tickets telling them that I couldn't get a hold and that I wasn't going to pay. They have never replied to any of my tickets about cancelling and just closed them up. Currently the servers are still running and the bill is still open. Luckily my credit card had expired last summer and I was paying through paypal, so they won't be able to charge my CC.

    Fortatrust is indeed a big fraud/scam.

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    We did sell our data center in Panama to a group of former employees who named their company FortaTrust back in March 2012. Based on their years of employment. We had every reason to believe that they would been able to successfully manage their business.

    FortaTrust is NOT a subsidiary, or in any other way associated with ServerPronto. Our experience with them since the transaction has been every bit as negative as yours.

    We are very sorry to hear that you have had such a hard time. To make it up to you we would be happy to provide you with the same service you had at the time of the transfer for free for one year.

    Just contact our sales department with a copy of this thread, and they will take care of you.

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