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    Virtualizor Xen on CentOS 6


    I am considering to offer Xen VPS. ATM, I offer KVM VPS with Virtualizor.
    I will be using Virtualizor for Xen.
    My question is whether I use Xen on CentOS 6 or CentOS 5 ?
    Virtualizor supports both. With CentOS 6, they say its Xen 4.x

    What would you guys recommend ?

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    Personally I would go with CentOS 6 since it will have a longer life span of the OS.
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    Go for CentOS 6

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    I'd go for CentOS 6 as it's been out for quite a while, and imo, it's quite stable.
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    Till now we haventfound much of an issue with the Xen4 being maintained for CentOS 6. It looks pretty stable.
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    You should definitely run CentOS6. Remember, there is no easy way to upgrade an existing CentOS5 box to CentOS6, so start off directly with CentOS6.
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