I've been with isprime now for 12+ months and think it's time to gave them a review.

Changing to isprime was probably my 5th or 6th move, either outgrowing my server or becoming disillusioned with the service.

Right from day one I found the level of service to be exemplary! Quite an eye opener to a jaded old hand like me. I was beginning to despair with my previous experiences of dedicated fully managed customer service.

Strangely isprime doesn't have a high profile here on WHT.

I can't say that everything's been absolutely peachy in the time that I've been with them. The biggest grip has been backups.

1. You negotiate for them in the service package but never get to see them!
2. When you need them for some reason they're not available - funny that! Come on isprime you really could do better here!

However, each time there's been a problem I've always felt they were 'on my side', going beyond the call of duty to help restore the data and find ways around problems.

I have to take my hat off to support, courteous, willing, fast and knowledgeable, I've never had to wait longer that a couple of hours for a reply - even for the wacky, no brain, fat fingered requests!

Things I like:
They don't continually try to sell you upgrades, even patiently explaining that changes here and there would save me added hardware costs.

They helped me with several mySQL queries that were gumming up the works.

Security is paramount, IP tracking, intrusion alerts and code inoculations on request.

No control panel, they do it all for you, saves any "Oh, S**t" moments!

I don't intend moving in any foreseeable future and expect to upgrade the server when this one gets either too long in the tooth or is traffically challenged.

Best to all, frosty