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    "xxx is writeable by group" - My host changed something?

    When I checked my sites today which is on a shared hosts all sites say:
    Internal Server Error
    File "/home/domains/****.com/public_html/index.php" is writeable by group
    suPHP 0.7.1
    It works now because I changed the permissions but what could most likely have caused this? It must have been my host changing something on the server, right?

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    You need to ask your Host that, ideally you should have kept atleast 1 site intact or get the timestamp of it, so they could have investigated it proper.

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    It seems they changed the configuration with their server. Are you sure that they were using SuPHP as PHP handler before this error ?
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    It could be the permissions were set with default installation as most application do keep 777 permissions for some folders

    Your host can throw more light on it once they check the logs

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    Looks like previously there were not using suPHP and it is now enabled for PHP handler but it is just an assumption. Only your host can provide you the reason for this matter.

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