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    Using SVN with external repos

    I do all my dev right on my web server. Meaning I'm editing files in my /home/username/www directory.

    I have a hosted SVN account at codesion that I use for other projects. I want to make /home/username a folder I can checkout to and use the codesion account as the repo.

    It seems installing the SVN *client* is easy enough. But where do I go from there. Can I make an existing /home/username directory a checkout (working) directory without destroying it's contents? If so how would I do it? Is it even a smart thing to do?

    Seems like most people use a local SVN server and repo, so that's what I'm finding when I'm searching.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would great!

    FYI: this is on a cPanel VPS.



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    This tutorial should get you well off on your way to using SVN how you wish. Git would also be another simple solution. It will give you 3 options in doing this, though these are not the only ways to achieve what you're after. Though for what it sounds like you want to do, you do not really need a "remote" - Linux & Open Source blog - The more you Knerd!

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