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    Does a service like this exist?

    I have a paid subscription with a file sharing service which restricts the volume of downloaded data over a period of time (ex. 10 gigabytes over a period of 5 days)

    I don't want to wait 5 days after downloading 10 gigabytes on the first day, so I purchased another subscription, expecting to be able to download another 10 gigabytes. Regretfully, the file sharing site seems to track use based on IP address, rather than account login.

    What I need is a service that has several IP addresses so I can signup (and download from) multiple paid accounts. Also, I don't need the VPS/service for a long period of time. After I have downloaded the data I want from file host--> vps and then from vps-->my server, I do not need the service anymore.

    Does such a service exist?

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    You can setup VNC (remote desktop) from a VPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew-x View Post
    You can setup VNC (remote desktop) from a VPS.
    Key points:
    1) If I download 300 GB, I'll need 30 IP addresses (10 GB/address). The need for so many IPs is very wasteful and represents a deficiency in the file sharing website software.

    2) I don't need the service for a full month -- would rather pay per/day or based on data transfer.
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    Have you looked at renting a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? This should let you connect too the internet through the VPN using the servers IP which you may get a random IP each time.
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    There are many hosts that offer VPN services. A VPN would be a much more cost effective option compared to a VPS/Dedi.

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