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    Battlefield 4 Pre-orders now LIVE!

    We at Fragnet Networks are pleased to announce that Battlefield 4 Pre-Orders are now open and available for signup in 16 different locations worldwide!
    As a special offer, all Battlefield 4 Servers are discounted 20% off for life when ordered prior to the official release on October 29th.

    Pre-order code: [bf4preorder]

    Battlefield 4 Servers will include:
    Free Procon Layer Hosting
    Free Server Debranding
    Free Mumble Voice Server or 50% off Teamspeak 3

    Find out more information and pre-order here!
    Ranked Dedicated Servers built for Performance Battlefield 4 Hosting are also available!

    As a world class hosting provider, the performance of our services and satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance to us.
    We combine enterprise grade hardware with premium Tier 1 Networks, backed by our quality guarantee to provide our clients with an unmatched hosting experience!

    We offer low latency, high quality hosting in:
    Ashburn, VA
    Atlanta, GA
    Buffalo, NY
    Chicago, IL
    Dallas, TX
    Los Angeles, CA
    New York City, NY
    Seattle, WA
    San Jose, CA
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Espoo, Finland
    London, UK
    Oslo, Norway
    Stockholm, Sweden

    See you on the Battlefield!
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    Do you provide slots for Homefront?

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