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    Self-Hosted "Pingdom" app or script?

    Hey guys and gals...

    Looking to see if anyone knows of a good app that you can setup and install yourself, that will monitor uptime of sites and notify you if they are down. Pretty straight forward; akin to a self-hosted Pingdom.

    I've found some online but they either haven't been worked on in years (dev.'s stopped working on them) or they don't send out email(s) when there's a status change.

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: I have several sites that I want to manage and Pingdom / others are pricey. I have the ability to host VM's myself and would like to run/control my own script if possible. FYI... just incase anyone asks.
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    Donno about that, but probably easier to use Even the free account is for unlimited domains. Upgraded account isn't too expensive either.
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    Google is your friend.

    There are small scripts that are easy to setup, will check http/port statuses every few minutes, and send an email to as many addresses as you need once the service is down.

    The best option, getting a small account elsewhere and setting this up to monitor all your services.

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    Put one together yourself, it really doesn't take that long.
    Use php/mysql, fsockopen, shouldn't be terribly hard to put something together.

    For alerts, use sms (via email), pushover, textnow, textfree / pinger (I recommend textfree, too many bugs with Pinger right now), even email (use phpmailer).

    If you're feeling spry, you can also integrate Pear - http2 and Pear - Net_DNS2

    I've got a system put together that I've been using the past few years, integrated tightly with WHMCS, works like a champ. Always modifying it of course, but it works.

    Create your own, it's going to be the best solution for you
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