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    International calling cards how do they do that?

    I know it has some thing to do with internet , hosting, servers

    I am talking about International calling cards

    Do you know what they are? They are in many countries

    You buy the card it has some numbers to dial that number them the country code etc

    AND you can make some very cheap international calls

    How do they do that?

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    International Calling Cards

    There are a few things that have driven international calling card per minute pricing down. The first is that international calling as become a commodity business with rates being pushed down by competition. The main driver in international calling prices is the cost to terminate in the foreign country. Many countries have high termination rates especially if they have a large percentage of their citizens living abroad and calling home. Most countries in the Middle East have extremely high termination rates controlled by the state telecom company. Companies have been able to get around the higher termination rates through the use of grey routes and by LCR software.

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    Thanks but I mean how technically do they do that?

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    The easiest way into the market is to purchase routes through one of the larger VOIP termination companies like a Voxbeam IPSmarks. They will have both white routes and grey routes for sale for just about every market that you would want.

    Most of the really low cost rates are grey routes as they are lower than the government mandated termination rate. These guys are terminating calls into a call center or internet cafť and putting the calls back on the public telephone network as local traffic to avoid international termination costs.

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