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    Talking Internap Dallas $149/mo E3-1270v3 - 32GB - 1TB HDD or SSD $149/mo Dual PSU HASWELL

    This is a Columbus Day sale. The $149 price is only valid on orders placed today. No EXCEPTIONS. Only valid for NEW customers. Server cannot be configured outside of what is listed on order page on this special offer. Contact sales (at) for a different config.

    Do you need a top of the line Dedicated Server? Something that just works, and works well? Do you need great customer service? If you answered yes to any of these, we have the server for you.

    Redundant Power
    Your server has two power supplies. Each power supply goes to a different battery backup system, and each battery backup system has its own dedicated generator. So you are fully redundant all the way to your server for a 100% power uptime SLA.

    Need a custom config? contact sales (at) for a quote.

    --> Sign Up Here <--

    Server Details
    • Server Location - Internap Dallas Pictures Here and Specs Here
    • Intel Sandy Bridge Quad-Core Xeon E3-1270v3 (4 Cores; 8 Threads; 3.9GHz) - 8MB Cache, Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost (3.9GHz)
    • Power Supply - TWO Redundant Connected to two diverse power systems
    • HDD1 - 1TB Western Digital Enterprise Storage RE4- 64 MB Cache
    • Memory - 32GB ECC RAM
    • KVM over IP - Included SuperMicro KVM over IP with Virtual Media, install your own OS, power cycle, etc
    • Bandwidth - 10,000GB
    • Port Speed - 100Mbps Internap Performance IP
    • IP Addresses - 1 Usable
    • Price - $149/mo

    --> Sign Up Here <--

    This is Internap Optimized bandwidth for performance - BEST AVERAGE PING TIMES OF ANY PROVIDER

    See more details about the optimziations here and here.

    Carrier Details
    • AT&T
    • Cogent
    • Global Crossing
    • Level(3)
    • NTT
    • Qwest
    • Sprint
    • Tinet (Inteliquent)
    • Telia
    • Verizon Business / Uunet
    • XO

    We have our own IP allocation directly from ARIN.

    Redundant 10Gigabit BGP connections with Internap to multiple diverse routers on their end AND 10 Gigabit to Tinet. This is built for uptime and reliability. No lowest cost routing, this is for your high performance needs.

    Important Components:
    • Fully Redundant N+1 Data Center
    • Juniper Network
    • Free IPMI access with our Juniper Pulse SSL VPN
    • Hardware firewall Add-on with redundant Juniper SRX Firewall (Contact us for details)
    • Fully Managed server Add-on (Contact us for details)
    • We can provide SSL VPN to you and your customers Add-on (Contact us for details)
    • IPv4 and IPv6 ready (IPv6 is no charge)

    For Customer Managed Servers we reply to all support tickets based on priority. Tickets are replied to 24/7/365 by our support staff. Hardware replacements, failures, etc will be responded to 24/7/365. Billing, and other non-critical tasks will be worked 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday US Central Time.

    Internap Dallas

    100% diverse A+B power system. Two APC Megawatt UPS Systems providing at least 20 minutes of battery run-time. More than enough to start the three redundant diesel generators. This means servers with redundant power supplies will always be connected to completely separate power systems and allows for a 100% uptime power guarantee.

    Two cooling plants provide a chilled water loop to the entire building. These chilled water loops are completely independent and are connected to Emerson / Leibert CRAC cooling units. All cooling units are fully redundant (N+1) and can survive off an entire cooling plant failure. In the event there is a failure in both cooling-plants the chilled water loops can be diverted to a city water supply. Should maintenance need to be performed, tanker trucks can connect at the street-level to provide a supply of chilled water to the cooling loops.

    The data center is setup in a hot-aisle / cold-aisle configuration with the raised floor plenum used to deliver cold air to the front of the racks, and the ceiling used to return the hot exhaust to the CRAC. In our high-end configurations we are able to use APC ARU to evacuate 16kW of heat from each rack.

    Our core internet routing takes place on fully redundant Juniper Internet Routers.

    All of our core switching is done on Juniper Networks EX series witches and the top of rack switches are Juniper Networks EX4200 switches. All servers are directly connected to Juniper EX switches. We have a direct IP allocation from ARIN for IPv4 and IPv6.

    All of our hardware is server grade equipment from SuperMicro. We use SuperMicro rack mount chassis, SuperMicro server motherboards.

    IPMI Access
    You have access to your server’s IPMI that provides KVM over the Internet to allow you to power cycle, access bios, install your own Operating System, etc without the need to open a support ticket. You have access using our secure Juniper Networks JunOS Pulse SSL VPN. This allows you to access the IPMI panel from an iPhone / iPad or WiFi enabled iPod, an Android phone or any desktop or laptop computer.

    Network Security
    This is an optional service with an additional cost. We offer fully redundant managed Juniper SRX firewalls that can provide deep packet inspection of all traffic to your website, etc and block all other traffic. This also means your SSH or any other backend server access must travel through our firewall for added protection and server hardening.
    Last edited by Alec; 10-14-2013 at 12:35 PM. High Availability and High Performance Solutions
    Lowest Average Ping Time Networks in Dallas and Los Angeles
    Diverse connections to the Internap Performance Optimized Network

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