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    Question Buying bare servers for custom builds?


    I've been shopping around for Dell & Supermicro, I'm having a tough time finding a "Bare Server" e.g. I'd just like a Motherboard, Hotplug 8 bays - and everything else I'd like to buy myself, thus saving me a good chunk of cash.

    So, eBay, I find that many of the servers for sale include RAM HDD's etc - and the very few that don't have outdated motherboard/chipsets - thus not allowing me to add some nice E5-26xx CPU's.

    So I guess my question, is there a vendor/dell option to purchase servers like this/what do you guys do? I probably wouldn't be so thrifty, but this is my first ever server and want to start on a good foot without breaking the bank.

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    Kinda in the wrong section - more appropriate for Colocation and Data Centers forum.

    You may want to look on eBay, and find someone who comes close to what you're looking for, and contact them directly to see if they are willing to do x,y and z to accomodate what you're trying to achieve. Some may be willing to do this; we've done it several times.
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    If you're looking for brand new gear, I'd take a peek at NewEgg. They've got server barebone kits:

    If you're looking for used hardware. Results will be hit or miss.
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    Newegg has some good barebone servers. If you are confident enough you can pair your own chassis & motherboard, then buy ram, cpu & drives there also.

    I personally recommend going with 10K RPM SAS drives. 8 x 600GB in RAID 10 is roughly 2.4TB of fast, reliable storage.

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    I'm starting to see this and 100% agree, my quest for my perfect starter server is going well; I've found this as the barebones:

    And just pricing up Motherboard (About 150)

    And i'm finding that it's actually HDD's whacking the price up, still in 2 minds re: 15K SAS or full SSD - it's heartbreaking when you can get 1TB 7200RPM for the same if not cheaper, but it's gonna cause bottlenecks...

    Also, quick Q: - Is it ok to go with onboard RAID or use a separate controller?

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    SmallFish, Supermicro onboard hardware controllers (LSI 2208 or 2308) are pretty good and we had no problems with them at all. So, definitely worth to pay 50-60 more and get the required motherboard with LSI HW Raid on it.

    Btw, check prices with Server Factory too

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    {moved to dedicated server section}

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    Supermicro Barebones off Newegg's site -

    What are the full specs you're looking for?
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