Plans start at $2.99 (even when just paying monthly). Get two free months on any annual plan! No promo codes needed!

Outgrow your 'unlimited hosting' plan? Why do all the unlimited hosts place restrictions on mailbox size, database size, or number of databases and shut down your site if they feel you've grown too quickly? Isn't growth the point of your site's existence? Our plans are simple: you place as many mailboxes, databases, domains, sites, and apps as your plan can handle. Just tell us how much data you plan to use and we let you use it anyway you'd like.

Unlimited Domains
We know you may have tons of domains for SEO purposes. We'll gladly host any number of domains on any plan. Pay for a year and we'll even give you a domain for free.

Easy to Use
We use the world leading control panel: cPanel. Get access to any setting online or on your mobile device: mail, app installs, DNS, and more. We make it easy to migrate your current site to our server.

True e-Commerce Platform
We can install any shopping application on your site at no cost. We also optionally offer a dedicated IP and a private SSL for any domain on any plan (we even install it for you).

Business Ready
Many web hosts claim to be business class. Gulfside maintains its own platform using redundant architectures, premium blended internet carriers, and manned datacenters.

Fast Page Loads
Your SEO score and customer loyalty depend on fast page loads. Does your current host care how long it takes for your application to load? We do - and we track it 24x7 so you can sleep easy.

Cloud Powered
Our cloud delivery platform allows us to scale your website as your business grows. We're also a CloudFlare Certified Partner and accelerate your website with a global CDN at no extra charge.

Included with every plan:
The only difference between each plan is the storage and bandwidth capacity. You do not have to upgrade your plan to obtain more features. All features are equally available to everyone on all plans.

  • Nightly Offsite Backups
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Database Size
  • Remote MySQL
  • Online SQL editor
  • Website Builder
  • Cloud Acceleration
  • Server Acceleration
  • Premium, Blended Internet
  • Webmail
  • Mobile Email
  • Unlimited Apps (See Apps)
  • Free Site Migration (from cPanel)
  • ionCube
  • suExec
  • CGI
  • FastCGI
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Domain (w/ annual)
  • 2 Free Months (w/ annual)
  • Dedicated IP + Private SSL ($5/mo)

Get Started Now 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

2.99 /Month

5 GB Storage
50 GB Bandwidth
2 Months Free w/ Annual
Free Domain w/ Annual
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6.99 /Month

10 GB Storage
100 GB Bandwidth
2 Months Free w/ Annual
Free Domain w/ Annual
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9.99 /Month

20 GB Storage
100 GB Bandwidth
2 Months Free w/ Annual
Free Domain w/ Annual
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19.99 /Month

100 GB Storage
500 GB Bandwidth
2 Months Free w/ Annual
Free Domain w/ Annual
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Need more power?
We also offer dedicated hosting and semi-dedicated hosting. Extra resources, managed server, zero contracts.

Looking for unlimited plans?
We realize many web hosts offer 'unlimited plans' but they also disclose real limitations in their terms of service. They often place 100 MB limits on database sizes or limit the number of mailboxes you can use. At Gulfside, we are up front about our usage. We sell our services based upon storage and bandwidth capacity and let our customers use their purchased space any way they choose. Try getting a flood of customers to your online store with your unlimited host - you may find visitors being turned away because your database grew too large.