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    * In1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue

    In fourteen hundred ninety-two
    Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
    He had three ships and left from Spain
    He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.

    – Source Unknown

    In honor of Columbus Day, We ask you to join us in celebrating the discovery of the New World,
    and you, too will discover Netrouting as a “”.

    No Niña, Pinta, or Santa Maria required. Just point your compass to to
    discover 14.92% off on a continent of savings with coupon code COLODAY2013.

    *Promotion available to new and existing customers for the lifetime of your service. Cannot be
    used in combination with any other offer or discount. This offer is good through October 15, 2013.


    About Netrouting

    Headquartered in The Netherlands, Netrouting is a global Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    and a premier provider of web hosting solutions and data services. Since 2007, we have
    consistently delivered reliable, scalable, and secure products by utilizing first-class
    connectivity and industry leading equipment. With networking and data center operations
    in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Miami, and Stockholm, our clients realize low-latency services
    at cost-effective pricing.

    Learn more about us at

    Network Speed Tests

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands —
    Stockholm, Sweden —
    Miami, United States —

    Download test file:

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands —
    Stockholm, Sweden —
    Miami, United States —

    Contact Sales

    Netrouting Sales — Europe
    Voice: +31 88 045 46 00
    Email: [email protected]
    Hours: 9AM-5PM CET (GMT +1) Monday through Friday

    Netrouting Sales — North America
    Voice: +1 (305) 705-6983
    Email: [email protected]
    Hours: 9AM-5PM EST (GMT -5) Monday through Friday
    Ray Womack @ atOmicVPS LTD
    Linux & Windows Cloud Hosting Solutions Powered by OnApp
    Fully Managed [Shared][Reseller][Cloud VPS] [Dedicated]
    Featuring the atOmicSTACK ● Speed ● Performance ● Reliability

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    too bad and too late. wanted to order but expired.

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