Dear sir/madam,

We from WorldStream have this amazing offer for you. The servers in this offer are in use by our company for a while now and they need a last owner before we discontinue them. Therefore we can offer you 10 servers for only 149,00 per month:

10 Servers - Special Package Deal:

  • AMD X2 4850 or better
  • 2GB RAM
  • 250GB HDD HDD or better
  • 5TB Traffic on 100mbit uplink
  • Free remote reboot

Price/month for all servers: 149,00 ex. 21% VAT.
No setup costs!

Have a look at this link now!


Network and Datacenter

  • The servers of WorldStream are located in one of the most green ecological datacenters in the world; Greenhouse Datacenters ( in The Netherlands which is equipped in accordance to the TIER3 specifications:

  • 24/7 security with biometric access
  • Redundant power setup
  • Redundant airconditioning setup
  • Redundant network setup

    Our suites are connected with dozens 10-gigabits fiber optic connections to ensure all of our clients will have the best interconnectivity.

    AS-Number WorldStream: AS49981

Why choose WorldStream?

  • Top of the line support
  • No long term contracts
  • Real-time bandwith statistics in our control panel
  • Real-time rDNS changable in our control panel
  • Automatic reinstallations of your server with 30+ operating systems
  • Remote reboot function
  • Datatraffic monitor. Keep control of your bandwidth by receiving an e-mail or SMS when you reach a certain level
  • Monitor ports with e-mail or SMS messages configureable in our control panel
  • Block/unblock or set the speed of your uplink(s)
  • Block/unblock IP's by your own
  • Professional team of experienced technical server engineers
  • We use a brand new suite in one of the most ecological datacenters in the world; Greenhouse Datacenters
  • (room temp. always below 24C (75.2F))
  • We only use A-brand hardware
  • Activation of server within one workingday after receiving your payment (PayPal or bank)


  • Our servers are installed with Linux/FreeBSD/Windows by default with the latest kernel/updates included. Please ask us for a custom installation.
    The server will be activated within one business day after we received your payment.

    It's also possible to get your server installed with other Operation Systems on request.


  • We guarantee a 99,9% online policy. Maintenance with e-mail notification excluded. A compensation will be made if we don't satisfy this policy.


Please respond in this topic or at sales [at] for further questions.


WorldStream Internet Solutions
NAALDWIJK, the Netherlands
Phone : 0031 174 712 117
E-mail : sales [at]