Taking offers from $2,000

Selling Acrylik.com and my iStockphoto account with over 630 vectors and photos, with an income of over $100-140 a month and Shutterstock account with 290 files earning over $30-60 a month.

Visit the iStock account: istockphoto. com / acrylik

The site Acrylik.com was launched last March with little marketing, only through the forums, yes it's earning but minimal at the moment below 20$ lower compared to my iStock and Shutter accounts.

The photo and vector site is Wordpress powered.

It is easy to manage like uploading or listing a new image if one is familiar with Wordpress.

Uses Paypal as payment method, and the new owner just simply change the Paypal premium or business email address, and you're good to be on business.

The new owner don't need to be an artist or photographer to run the sites.

1. You can hire artists or phtographers to add more illustrations and photos.

2. I can provide you further photos and illustrations at a cheaper price, maybe 20-50$ an illustration, or 5 to 10$ a photo.

Site information:

1. Domains:
-June 16, 2014

Traffic stat: http://acrylik.com/info/acrylikstat.jpg

2.CMS: Wordpress, the theme automatically processes the images into 4 to 5 different sizes.

3. iStock income info: http://acrylik.com/info/istock.jpg

What you will get?

1. New owner will have all the full ownership rights of the photos and content. The previous owner (that's me) will no longer resell them anywhere.

2. The domain, the iStock and Shutterstock account:

acrylik.com - Over 670 files - below 20$ a month
istockphoto. com / acrylik - 630 files - 100-140$ a month
shutterstock. com/cat.mhtml? gallery_id=1520945 - 290 files - 30 to 60$ a month

(remove the spaces to view the links)

3. Post sale support for a month. I will help if you have further questions.


Add me to Yahoo messenger for more inquiries: headlessturner

Transfer of ownership and payments will be through Escrow.com and fees will be paid by the buyer since you will also get the current earnings of my iStock and Shutterstock.