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    * ★ RELIABLE WEB MONITORING SERVICE & Get INSTANT Alerts if Your Site is Down ★ 50% OFF

    A healthy site is a happy site. This is why Monitive brings reliable uptime monitoring for all of your sites and services. Monitive is a SaaS, meaning no software to install, just 3 minutes to set up all your sites or services.

    Monitive checks your websites and servers every minute from a different worldwide location and instantly notifies you when your sites are down. Downtime is down for business, so this is why our service helps you save money and your reputation by improving uptime, latency and website health.

    ★ Main Features
    Uptime monitoring up to every minute;
    14+ locations all around the world;
    Performance monitoring by measuring latency;
    Malware monitoring;
    Domain expiration monitoring & SSL certificate expiration monitoring;
    Automated diagnosis to find out the root cause of outages;
    Unlimited alerts via email, Twitter, HTTP POST, PagerDuty;
    SMS alerts right on your mobile phone;
    Monitor everything: HTTP(s), MySQL, DNS, FTP, Ping, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and even your custom TCP port service;
    Public reports to show the current status of your services;
    Widgets and many more features!

    LIMITED TIME OFFER: 50% OFF for yearly payments on all Monitive plans. SIGN UP and start monitoring your website today! This offer is for a limited time.

    Basic Plan $59.5/year
    5 active monitored services
    Unlimited email, Twitter, HTTP POST or PagerDuty alerts

    Pro Plan $99.5/year
    10 active monitored services
    10 SMS alerts included every month
    Unlimited email, Twitter, HTTP POST or PagerDuty alerts
    Unlimited users

    Premium Plan $249.5/year
    30 active monitored services
    30 SMS alerts included every month
    Unlimited email, Twitter, HTTP POST or PagerDuty alerts
    Unlimited users

    Platinum Plan $999/year
    100 active monitored services
    Unlimited SMS, email, Twitter, HTTP POST or PagerDuty alerts
    Unlimited users

    Every plan comes with excellent customer support, 30-day money-back guarantee and a state of the art monitoring system that you can rely on.

    We also have a Free plan, limited to one HTTP monitored service, with checks every 10 minutes if you have a blog or a small site that is not critical for you to know when it goes down.

    There's no contract, so you can cancel anytime. Payments available via VISA, MasterCard or PayPal. We issue invoices and everything you need to run your business smoothly and be on top of problems.

    Check out more on Monitive's website, at
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    █ Lucian D. Founder
    █ Reliable Site Uptime Monitoring

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