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    VPS is the correct way?

    we have more then 30 shared hosting accounts and a important management system on a hostgator shared account.

    No problems with security or space but obviously I need to prevent potential problem.

    So it's really necessary to upgrade to a VPS for the management system that contains sensitive data?


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    you can use a VPS and for example one FTP Backup or on other vps for backups,for security and prevent your data from access you can use managed vps if haven't more information about managing your server/s.
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    The best way to protect sensitive data is to have it encrypted, whether it's stored on a shared server, VPS or a dedicated server (unless you have a locked cabinet at a datacenter ).

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    Take necessary actions like data encryption, possibly multiple levels of authorization for the data, etc. VPS = you will have more control on your data / installations and will be more secure compared to a shared environment ( I have heard HostGator uses some File System isolation for shared hosts; but not sure how effective it is and it is better if we can extra precaution from our end ). And your next consideration should be your budget Even with VPs, consider storing your data in a secure manner always.

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    There are several hosts that using CloudLinux's CageFS. I'm not sure if that would be enough safety. Like others have said, a VPS would offer greater control. There's a lot more you could do with it.

    But, I think it's also important to note, you need to make sure that you keep the VPS in line, or have management by a good company like Rack911 to keep it ironclad. If you get a semi managed VPS, and don't keep it under control, it may be worse than a good shared account.
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    A VPS will give you unlimited access as root to setup security as you need using modules which you prefer using which you can setup keybased access to avoid sensitive data being leaked

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    Definately will be much better!
    Not sure if HG is the best platform for it however. You would need a reliable VPS. Best if you pick one from the forum here who can help you with setting it up and providing additional security.

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    If security is really important then you should go dedicated as no-one else will share that node with you.

    For the additional cost of a dedi, I'd say it's worth it.

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    As long as you harden the security in your VPS, it shouldnt be a problem. It is recommended you get yourself a fully managed one if you do not have experience.

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