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    "Phantom" nameserver issue - cPanel

    I have an odd issue with DNS on my private server.
    My nameservers are and - but I have noticed two other nameservers and (both have no IP's assigned).

    There seem to be a few websites using these nameservers although I configured the domains manually rather than using the ns80 nameservers (split web and mail).

    I tried changing the nameservers for these domains anyway but they keep showing up as ns60 and ns61. I have even terminated the account and checked the overwrite existing DNS zones when creating a new account, but they still show up as using ns60. and ns61.

    The ns60 nameservers cannot be deleted either as they dont show up when in the "delete dns zone".

    I have attached a couple screenshots.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails N IP.jpg   Edit DNS.jpg  

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    The Nameserver IPs page you're on in the 1st screenshot does not populate in real time. You need to edit /var/cpanel/nameserverips.yaml if you wish to update the records shown on that page.

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    Thanks, so how often does it update and why does cPanel keep placing those domains back into ns60 and ns61 rather than ns80 and ns81 ?
    When I terminate the account it removes the domain from that list - but when I recreate the account, it ends back up in ns60 and 61.

    The domains are using the correct ns80. nameservers. I have no idea where ns60 and 61 have come from!

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    This thread contains lots of information about the nameserver ips function:

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    Thanks - all sorted.
    If anyone else has this issue run:

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